In the Spirit of Holi

In the Spirit of Holi

As flowers begin to peek up from their winter sleep, the festival of color begins. Each year, Spring brings the Hindu festival of Holi. Around the world, we celebrate life, renewal, and growth with colored powder, flower petals, and water balloons for the more adventurous pranksters. 

People celebrating Holi by throwing petals

At Mihenna, we are celebrating all things new and growing with big plans for our small business over the next several months. We'll be expanding our product line to provide even more henna supplies and stencil options for our customers. We also have a redesign planned to bring new life to our website. Keep an eye out for these upcoming changes that were kicked off this month with the release of our Henna Freckle Kit. It's perfect for adding a splash of color to your face with fake freckles.

We look forward to continuing to celebrate the spirit of Holi throughout the year as we grow. You can celebrate Holi too by letting henna designs blossom on your skin. Try out any of our sticker stencils to get perfect henna tattoos - no experience necessary. We especially recommend using floral designs to celebrate Holi this year. 

Double Azalea henna tattoo on upper thigh
Create a double string of flowers with our Azalea henna stencil. Cut apart the stencil in order to wrap the strands around each wrist or ankle. Or try doubling them up for a bigger impact on one arm or leg.
Woman with Camellia mandala henna tattoo on palm
The ever popular Camellia henna stencil offers a variety of options. Henna rings, a large mandala (learn more about mandalas), and a dangling bracelet chain make up this elegant henna tattoo design. Wear them all together or spread out the elements across your body.


Jasmine henna tattoo on leg
For a flawless flower design, check out our Jasmine henna stencil. These dainty little blossoms can be worn individually, in chain, or wrapped around your limb. However you want to show it off, you'll get a perfect outcome with this stencil.

These gorgeous floral henna designs are the perfect accessory for your soon-to-be color-splattered Holi outfit. Remember to check back again soon for even more henna designs and products coming to Mihenna soon.

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