• Azalea - floral henna tattoo on back
  • Azalea - floral bangle henna design sticker stencil
  • Azalea - anklet henna design
  • Azalea - double floral henna tattoo on thigh
  • Azalea - single flower henna design on ankle
  • Azalea - bangle or bracelet henna design on ankles

Azalea Henna Stencil

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The delicate azalea blossoms indicate the beginning of Spring with their cheerful colors and dense clusters of petals. Celebrate all your achievements with a floral bangle henna design. The azalea sticker stencil will bloom around your wrist or ankle as a reminder of your own beauty and potential growth to unimaginable heights Feel the connection to the flowers and the earth as you adorn yourself with the azalea henna tattoo.

Our floral bangle henna designs are easy for anyone to apply and achieve exactly the look they want. Sticker stencils are created to adhere to your skin so that you can place the henna paste in exactly the right location. After the paste dries between two and twelve hours, peel off the stencil to reveal the beautiful azalea blooms. Create your own style by cutting out a single flower, combining this stencil with another, or anything else you can imagine with Mihenna. You create your own masterpiece.