Explore 10 Best Henna Stencils for Hands

Explore 10 Best Henna Stencils for Hands

Have you heard of temporary henna tattoos? We hope you have heard about it. Henna tattoos are all over the internet, spreading henna fever to all corners of the world irrespective of status, geography, religion, race, and age. Whoever you are and however you look, henna lets you express your unique style through magnificent henna tattoos. For women, henna hand tattoo designs resonate with her boldness and charisma and carry special meanings while glamorizing her hands. If you want to ask your lady out, observe the henna hand tattoo on her hand. You can guess her personality style and mood based on the henna hand tattoo she carries. Though this is not always accurate, it works if it works. Good luck!!

If you are a woman who wants to unleash your creativity and fierceness, these hand henna tattoo designs can be your best buddies. Is henna only for women? Nature doesn’t differentiate its creation. Men or women can get henna hand tattoos based on their mood and personality style or use them solely for decorative purposes. Whether you are going for a special occasion, a friend’s night out, or a casual college day, these henna hand tattoo designs blend in your skin and amplify how you look & feel about yourself. For starters, henna hand tattoo stencils will help you easily create intricate henna tattoo designs. Let’s explore the ten best henna stencils for hands.

1. Athena Henna Stencil

Athena Henna Stencil image

Athena is considered a Greek goddess of war and wisdom, known for her bravery and mastery of arts, crafts, math, and strategy. Get this Athena henna design and draw inspiration from Athena to live a powerful & intellectual life while protecting others. This stencil is one of the most popular hand stencils for henna.

2. Flower Power Henna Stencil

Flower Power henna design drawn

Flowers signify several spiritual meanings in traditional cultures, including love, passion, luck, beauty, and the cycle of life and death. Nature teaches the meaning of life through flowers, that birth and death are inevitable, and no one can escape it. Any day you feel like crap, get this Flower Power henna tattoo. Like the combination of tiny petals creating a beautiful flower, let your little steps make you powerful enough to face any challenge in life.

3. Marah Henna Stencil for Hands

Marah's henna design on backhands drawn using the stencil

Do you love geometric designs but can’t let go of flowers? This design is for you. Marah henna design draws a perfect balance of geometric designs and floral patterns, so you don’t have to stress yourself trying to mix and match different geometric stencils. Place the center of the design on the back of your palm and let the floral patterns extend along your fingers. If you can carefully pull out this hand tattoo designs stencil after the henna application, you can use it for all your fingers and multiple applications.

4. Passion Fruit Henna Stencil

Mihenna’s Passion Fruit henna design

Get a refreshing look with Passion fruit henna hand stencil. The tiny symmetrical intricate patterns spread in concentric circles make the design outstanding. And our sticker stencil can help you effortlessly create these shapes within minutes. Additionally, you get five different ring designs in the stencil. Try any or all of them to glorify your fingers.

5. Phoenix Henna Stencil

Phoenix henna design

Do you know the story of the Great Phoenix bird? In classic mythology, the Phoenix bird burns itself in the fire and rises from the ashes to start a new life cycle. What do you learn from the Phoenix bird? We have created this design to remind you to celebrate your triumph over failure and begin a fresh start. Mihenna’s Phoenix henna design is a masterpiece you can wear with pride. Use the henna hand tattoo stencil to create the design on your hand and inspire the world to keep trying till your goals are achieved.

6. Pearl Henna Stencil

Pearl henna design

Pearls are natural jewels and are commercially worth more than gold. Besides their commercial utility, the origin of pearls teaches a great lesson if you want to learn. Consistent hard work and overcoming negativity can turn anything into a work of art. Get this design with a Pearl henna hand tattoo stencil, and enjoy the iconic pearl designs on your hands.

7. Aphrodite Henna Stencil

Aphrodite henna design.

Aphrodite is a Greek goddess known for her exquisite beauty and fierceness to achieve whatever she desires. Inspired by her strength, vitality, and alluring, we have created this Aphrodite henna hand tattoo design. Get this henna tattoo using our henna stencil for hands and push yourself to face anything the Universe throws at you.

8. Blossom Henna Stencil

Blossom henna design on the backhands

Self-love is the highest form of love. Why do you want someone to get flowers for you? Why do you look for external validation? You are a part of the Universe, and the Universe is within you. You already have all that is required to achieve anything in life. Believing in yourself is the only key to attracting abundance into your life. And mandala hand tattoo stencil design is the perfect one for self-reflection. Mihenna’s Blossom henna stencil reminds you to believe in yourself and re-establish the connection with your authentic self.

9. Dahlia Henna Stencil

Dahlia henna design

The Dahlia flower symbolizes dignity and stability. It is a flower-fit design for a queen and inspires you to become the best version of yourself by living in sync with nature and tapping your inner potential. With Mihenna’s Dahlia stencil, we want to make the feel of royalty accessible for everyone. Get this tattoo on the front or back of your hands using our hand henna stencils and become your queen of Dahlias.

10. Fierce Henna Stencil

Fierce henna design

This henna design title speaks for itself. You can get this Fierce henna tattoo anywhere you want. Use your creativity to try different tattoo styles and let your fierceness reflect on the tattoo. Don’t have time to create the design? Use our Fierce henna stencil for hands & make the design like a Pro.

How To Apply Henna Using Henna Stencils for Hands

henna stencils and a cone.
  1. While these henna hand tattoos are ideal for front and back hands, they can be tattooed anywhere.
  2. The making of even complex designs is easy with henna hand stencils.
  3. Cut the design from the stencil. Peel off the adhesive and stick it on your skin. You can cut and mix and match two or more stencils to create a unique style.
  4. Once the stencil sticker is perfectly fitted on your skin, spread the henna paste evenly on the stencil. You can use applicator bottles or henna cones to apply henna paste.
  5. Leave it aside for two to twelve hours. The henna paste dries and falls off its own, discard the sticker stencil.
  6. Clean the leftover henna crumbles with tissues and coconut oil. Do not use water to remove the henna, as it may wipe off the stains.
  7. Moisturize it with coconut oil and avoid doing heavy work using the hennaed hands.
  8. The pretty henna designs shine bright on your hands while you proudly carry them anywhere.

Henna Cone 

Order the henna cone from Mihenna for instant application. It is organic, USDA-certified, and free from harmful chemicals or added preservatives. Order our Mihenna’s henna powder kit if you want DIY henna paste. The kit comes with all accessories for a safe henna application. Adding essential oils to the henna paste will improve the henna properties and also offers several health benefits. Hope you are now ready to create stunning henna designs using henna stencils for hands.

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