Shop DIY Henna Supplies All in One Place

Shop DIY Henna Supplies All in One Place

This article is all you need to create fantastic henna tattoos or flaunt your hair in beautiful shades for your next party.

1. Henna Powder

The first step in temporary tattoo making or hair dying using henna begins with choosing the safest henna powder. But there are countless artificial henna powders in the market claiming to produce the best tattoos. They can adversely affect your skin & hair scalp over the long term. Let’s voice out the truth today. Even modest cosmetic companies associate beauty with cost to make common people think that they are not good enough and beauty is expensive. Henna is not an exception in this marketing gimmick. But nothing in this world is more beautiful and powerful than nature. It has solutions to all the problems. And Mihenna took an oath to bring humans close to nature. An organic henna powder extracted from the plant “Lawsonia Inermis” can be your beauty solution. Since it is natural, the color produced after henna application varies from orange to reddish-brown tones. The henna powder is mixed with water and natural essential oils to improve its properties. This natural henna is safe for your hair and skin and gradually fades off after a few weeks. Thus, it enables you to try new styles every few weeks and be a fashionista.

2. Essential Oil For Henna

henna blend essential oils of 5 different sizes from Mihenna

Essential oils have been well-known for a very long time due to their therapeutic benefits. While they are added to the henna paste to improve its dying properties, they help you alleviate all kinds of skin, scalp, and hair issues. Some popular essential oils like Tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, etc., help relieve skin and hair issues. Lavender essential oil is used for spot treatment in cases of stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Please remember that essential oils can trigger certain medical conditions like migraine. So, please do a patch test to look for allergic reactions and dilute the essential oils for sensitive skin or scalp. Keep your children and pets away from essential oils. They can have toxic effects on them.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Once you are done applying henna, leave it aside for a few hours till the henna paste dries and falls off on its own. Never use water to wash the residual henna from your skin. Water washes away the stains, and the henna crumbles resulting in dull tattoos. To prevent this, use coconut oil and a tissue to remove the residual henna. Once done, apply another layer of coconut oil to moisturize your hands and protect the stains. The coconut oil deeply moisturizes your skin and conditions your hair for a healthy, longer-lasting henna experience.

4. Henna Applicator Bottle

applicator bottles with various-sized nibs

How do you transfer the henna paste onto your skin? You can apply henna in three ways; using a pre-made henna cone, applicator henna bottles, or a spatula. Of all three, the henna applicator bottles offer the most flexibility and control over the henna application process. Fill the applicator bottle with henna paste. Ensure that you don’t fill the paste up to the neck. Allow some gap for the air passage and free movement of henna paste. When you order applicator bottles, you get two plastic bottles along with 16 different-sized tips. Hold the henna applicator bottle to the skin and apply henna paste by varying the pressure on the applicator bottle. Since the tip of the bottle is open to the air, the henna paste near the tip can harden from the inside and stop the fresh henna from coming out. Clean the tip frequently. Unlike the henna cones, the applicator can be re-used as often as possible.

5. Henna Cone

single pre-made henna cone from Mihenna

A henna cone doesn’t need any introduction. Whoever knows henna knows about the henna cone. It is the most widely used tool to apply henna paste on your skin. You can make a fresh henna paste at home and fill it in the empty cones before applying. Or you can purchase ready made henna cones for instant application. Please remember that the components of natural henna disintegrate after a while. Once the henna paste is prepared, you can freeze & use it for about three months.

6. Henna Stencils

henna stencils from a henna stencil kit from Mihenna

Are you a beginner in henna? Don’t know how to create complex henna designs by yourself? We have a solution for you. Grab the henna stencils and make the designs you want within minutes. Mihenna offers floral, geometric, mandala, and modern stencils to serve all your needs. Choose the stencil designs you want, and mix & match them for unique designs. Peel off the adhesive and stick the stencil wherever you want. Spread the henna paste evenly and wait until it completely dries off. Remove the henna crumbs using coconut oil and tissues. Remove the henna stencil carefully and moisturize your hands with coconut oil. Be ready to witness the enticing henna designs on your hand.

7. Henna For Hair

woman applying henna hair dye for hair

Do you think henna is suitable only for body art? Think again. Henna as a hair dye is even more popular in the beauty & hair care world. Do you have gray hair sections? Henna will cover up for you. Want a different hair shade? Henna can help. Want healthy & shining hair? Henna is made for you. Apply henna paste starting from the roots to the ends. Collect all the hair above your head and wrap it in a shower cap to avoid henna from drooling. Let it dry for about eight hours, and wash off with cold water. Do not use shampoo for the next 24 hours. While natural henna is safe for all kinds of scalp, you are advised to do a strand test on a small section of hair and check for any allergies or irritation. Please discontinue the use in case of any itchiness, redness, or allergies.

8. Spatulas

spatulas for the henna application

If you want a consistent and smooth look, henna should be evenly coated on the stencils. The uneven henna coating may result in dark stains in one place and lighter stains in the other. To get a fantastic henna tattoo, use these spatulas to spread the henna paste on the stencils evenly. Anytime the henna goes beyond the stencil, this henna spatula can quickly scrape off the henna paste without leaving stains.

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Mihenna is your go-to solution for all your henna needs. Order this henna powder kit and get all the essentials required to create amazing henna tattoos on your body. Mihenna also offers different tattoo kits each with a specific purpose. Use the henna freckle kit to create alluring freckles and kids henna kit for kids. Visit our store for more fantastic henna kits and stencils. Remember to share your experience with us.

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