How To Use Henna Applicator Bottles For A Better Application?

How To Use Henna Applicator Bottles For A Better Application?

Henna art has become one of the best activities whether to pass the time with kids, prepare for a hang-out party, or a family occasion including a wedding. if you want to go to the next level and pursue henna art as a profession, it’s better to understand henna art making and the tools required for quick and easy henna application. If you are a beginner, henna tattoo applicator bottles can be your best buddies to help you learn & practice the art. People generally use henna cones, and plastic henna tubes or henna applicator bottles to apply henna on the skin. While the henna cones and henna tubes come with their fair share of benefits, we dedicate this article to the applicator henna bottles and how to use them to create henna designs effectively with minimum effort.

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Henna Applicator Bottle For Henna

The purpose of applicator henna bottles is to gain better control over the henna application process than the cones. Thus, the applicator bottles are preferred by henna artists and beginner henna practitioners. Unlike henna cones, henna squeeze bottles can be washed and reused for several applications. Once you have finished applying the henna, you need to wash the bottle with warm water immediately after use to prevent the henna from hardening inside or at the bottle tips. 

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Tips Regarding Henna Dispenser Bottle Use

  1. Each person will have a unique way of holding their applicator bottles, so it may take some time to find a comfortable position of holding the applicator bottle for drawing freely. The amount of pressure applied to the henna bottle can be learned through practice and experience.
  2. While applying henna, ensure that the tip of the bottle isn’t touching your skin to draw an even line without smudging the texture.
  3. You need to vary the pressure applied on the applicator henna bottle to control the henna line width and flow.
  4. Once the henna design is complete, you can add some glitter into the bottle to add shimmery color for the day.
  5. Let it air dry for a few hours. Once the henna fully dries, it starts to crack and pop off.
  6. You can remove the henna lumps using a tissue. For stubborn lumps, you can use coconut oil to remove them.
  7. Avoid washing your hands with water as it may disrupt your henna color.
  8. Apply coconut oil to moisturize your hands and protect your stains from dirt and water.
  9. You may have to wait for up to 48-72 hours for the henna color to reach its full-color intensity.
  10. The henna stains may last over 10-15 days and fade away gradually as the skin exfoliates.
  11. If you have to make your own henna paste at home , you have to make it thinner and runny for the paste to get into the applicator henna bottle.

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  • Though henna tattoo bottles are of great use for henna applications, they come with certain challenges as a whole. As you keep applying henna, you will have to shake the bottle so that the remaining henna paste will come to the tip.
  • If you are a henna artist, sometimes you apply henna for straight 12-16 hours. You may start feeling cramps in the fingers and hands regardless of how soft your applicator henna bottle is. Your hands get tired eventually.
  • Also, there can be multiple clogs in the applicator henna bottle that obstructs fresh henna paste to come out. When you observe that the henna at the bottle tip is drying out, you need to remove the dried-out paste to provide clearance for the fresh paste.
  • Soak the bottle tips in warm water and clear the end with a small wire or paper clip. When you don’t use the bottle, safeguard the bottle by inserting a wire or needle at the top to avoid air entering and drying out the paste.
  • To protect your hands/ fingers from hurting while squeezing the bottle, keep your applicator bottle as full as possible while pausing to refill it often. This reduces the amount of pressure required to be applied to the bottle to create your henna design.

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