Celebrity Henna in 2018

Celebrity Henna in 2018

2018 saw a number of our favorite celebrities sporting henna tattoos. They looked fabulous in a variety of different styles and placements. We're inspired to try new things and wear our henna proudly - whether it’s a small little temporary tattoo or a full sleeve of intricate designs. Here at Mihenna, we have everything you need to carry on the henna trend.

Our sticker stencil henna patterns will help you flawlessly recreate the look. You don't have to worry about mistakes or smudges when you use an adhesive template. Be sure to always use organic henna paste to avoid any skin reactions while creating your DIY henna tattoo. At Mihenna, we only use the best quality ingredients so you stay safe while looking gorgeous. If you want everything bundled together, see our all-inclusive henna tattoo kits so you don't miss a thing. With a kit, you'll be ready to get started on your own henna tattoo after checking out some celeb inspo below.

Hand Henna Designs for Men

Tan France henna tattoo
See more on Tan France's Instagram

Tan France, fashion expert on the hit reality makeover show Queer Eye, honors his Pakistani heritage by wearing henna during the show and in his Instagram posts. We always see his designs on the back of his left hand featuring mandalas in various styles. If you remember our previous post, mandalas help us to connect spiritually with the universe and to focus on peace and balance. We’ll all be needing some peace while we wait for season 3 of Queer Eye to premier so we can see some more Tan France French tucks.

GET THE LOOK: Try out our Blossom sticker stencil for a mandala on the back of your own hand. Next thing you know, you’ll be the fashion expert all your friends are coming to for advice!

Bridal Henna Designs

Priyanka Chopra's bridal henna design on hands with husband Nick Jonas
See more on Priyanka Chopra Jonas's Instagram

Celebrity weddings are alway a big occasion, especially when there’s two! Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas pulled out all the stops in both America and India. Per tradition, Priyanka wore gorgeous, floral bridal henna during the Indian ceremony that incorporated designs representing their love - including a guitar for Nick. Henna brings everything together in the elegant ceremony as a personalized tribute to the newlyweds.

GET THE LOOK: While bridal henna is uniquely customized for each individual, Mihenna can get you started with our Flower Power sticker stencil. You’ll be the envy of every bride!

Isha Ambani's bridal henna with her husband Anand Piramal
See more on Isha Ambani's Instagram

Shortly after those two lovebirds finished their festivities, India’s wedding of the century occurred. Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal threw one of the most lavish and star-studded wedding celebrations we’ve ever seen! From Hillary Clinton to Shahrukh Khan, it was the place to be. Naturally Isha’s bridal henna would be just as stunning. Her intricately-detailed henna designs extended up to her elbows and stained to a deep, dark reddish brown, symbolizing the depth of the love between Isha and Anand (you can read more about henna traditions in our post History of Henna).

GET THE LOOK: Our Pearl sticker stencil will get you started on an elaborately beautiful bridal henna creation. You’ll be the biggest thing to happen this year!

Baby Bump Henna

Beyonce dancing with henna on her baby bump
See more on Beyonce's Instagram

The biggest star at Isha Ambani’s wedding was, of course, Beyoncé and her flawless performance for the bride, the groom, and all of their guests. Queen Bey is always on point, especially when she dazzled us in 2017 with a henna design on her twin-sized baby bump. Filled with symbolism, her henna evoked fertility and the indomitable feminine spirit. All hail the Queen for inspiring us to keep loving ourselves and flaunting our henna art.

GET THE LOOK: Get the diamond look for your belly bump with our Fauzie sticker stencil, and you’ll feel like a queen!

Ring Henna

Madonna's floral henna designs from her Frozen music video
See more on Madonna's Instagram

Another mega superstar brought back memories of her previous henna tattoos. Madonna spent her birthday in Morocco this year, one of the birthplaces of henna body art, and reminded us of her iconic ring henna in her music video Frozen. Our hearts are melting for these geometric ring designs combined with floral vine patterns down the sides of her hands. Happy birthday, Queen of Pop!

GET THE LOOK: We have lots of options for ring henna (just check out The Ring Kit!), but we recommend pairing Opal and Ivy to achieve this classic Madonna look.

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