Ivy Henna Stencil


A resilient plant, ivy stretches and grows across long distances, and so it represents the strength of a bond between two people. Whether it be friendship, family, or love, caring for and growing your relationships is an important and rewarding task. We've made the Ivy floral henna design as a reminder that, just like a growing plant, you need to put some work into your relationships, for a beautiful outcome. Take some time to reach out to those you love and maybe even share some body art.

To create the Ivy henna tattoo, you'll need to cut out the design and choose how you will place it on your body. Once you select the location, adhere the sticker to your skin and press firmly. Next, apply a layer of henna paste over the stencil, and allow it to dry between two and twelve hours. Remove the sticker when you are ready, and you'll see the floral henna design growing as part of you.

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