Celebrate & Create Memories with Bachelorette Party Henna Kit

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In the United States, Bachelorette Parties hold a special significance in Western marriages. A bachelorette party is seen as an opportunity for the bride to relieve her wedding stress & anxiety by partying with her close friends. The party usually involves fun activities, games, dancing, and a spa, followed by a delicious dinner party. While there is no thumb rule to celebrate this party, anything that brings joy to the bride & makes her happy is worth considering for the bachelorette party. Additionally, this party is an excellent time for the bride’s friends to express their love & support for her new phase of life. One of the best ideas for celebrating a bachelorette party is through a henna tattoo party. This article explores celebrating the bridal henna party using a bachelorette party henna kit:

Bachelorette Party Henna Kit

Henna Kit

The components inside the Bachelorette henna party kit:

  • Two USDA-certified organic henna cones of 30 gm each
  • Two vials of coconut oil
  • Nine henna spatulas
  • Instruction booklet
  • A pack of 15 stencils

Henna Stencils

The henna party wedding kit consists of a pack of 15 stencils to help you quickly trace the intricate designs.

1. Blossom

Blossom stencil

You don’t need someone to bring flowers. You are unique & good enough in every way. And Mihenna’s Blossom stencil is here to remind you. This blossom design inspires you to do what it takes to achieve your dreams. Get the bachelorette kit stencil with two tattoo designs for the price of one & remind yourself of everything ready to blossom inside you.

2. Camellia

Camelia stencil

The Camellia plant has cultural significance in several parts of the world. In some cultures, the Camellia plant symbolizes love & affection, whereas in others, it represents new beginnings. Get this Camellia design and prepare yourself for new beginnings. The Mihenna’s Camellia stencil offers a complete design for your palm, bracelet & three henna rings. Yay! You have a perfect statement design for your next party.

3. Dahlia

Dahlia stencil

The famous Dahlia flower represents stability & dignity. Mexico’s national flower is the queen’s favorite pick. Inspired by the flower, Mihenna created this Dahlia stencil design to awaken the inner potential in you. The stencil helps you quickly create the minute strokes with perfection. This design lets you re-establish your connection with nature and become the queen you always meant to be.

4. Haley


Haley is a mandala henna design and thus holds a spiritual & cultural significance. The design represents that the stencil comes with two mandala designs & two ivy bracelet designs to adorn your graceful hands. Haley is one of the popular designs of bridal henna party kit.

5. Jasmine


There is no better way to express love than with Jasmine. It is known for its sweetness & intoxicating fragrance. Culturally, Jasmine represents love & is associated with stress-relieving properties. Wrap this henna design around your wrist or ankle and get the courage to take your love story to the next phase.

6. Karma

Karma Henna design

Are you looking for a modern design with a primitive touch? Karma Henna design is for you. The stencil unlocks endless opportunities to create your unique designs. Match with other stencil designs to create your next henna party tattoo. Get this tattoo for your henna tattoo party & remind yourself to believe in karma & focus on the good intentions in your journey.

7. Opal

Opal stencil

Opal gemstone comes in various vibrant colors, including white, yellow, red, pink, orange & many more. Culturally, the opal is associated with love, & beauty and is believed to enhance creativity and spiritual awareness. Opal is considered to be a stone of emotional healing and is a must-have accessory for stone healers. The Opal stencil comes with three different designs that you can mix & match to decorate your fingers or toes. Get this design for the henna tattoo party & unveil the queen in you.

8. Palma

Palma henna tattoo

Are you missing going to the beach? This Palma henna tattoo will give you the beach vibes & take you there for a while. If you want an elegant yet minimalist statement piece, Palma is your go-to henna tattoo. Pair up with yin & yang designs to get a complete design.

Other Stencil designs of the bachelorette henna tattoo party kit include

How To Create a Henna Tattoo Using Henna Stencil

  1. Cut out your favorite henna designs from the stencil.
  2. Peel off the adhesive from the stencil & stick it to the skin.
  3. Fill the stencil designs with a readymade henna cone. You can use spatulas to spread the paste uniformly.
  4. Leave the hennaed area unattended for at least two hours. Cover it with a plastic wrap to enjoy the party without disturbing the henna paste.
  5. Carefully peel off the stencil to use it for multiple applications.
  6. After peeling off the sticker, remove the residual henna paste using coconut oil & tissues.
  7. Avoid contact with water & moisturize with coconut oil to protect the henna tattoos from dirt, sunburn & water. Coconut oil helps improve the longevity of the stained colors.
  8. Be ready to witness the alluring designs that grab the eyes of the henna party.


The henna paste is organic & 100% natural. Thus, the ingredients start to disintegrate physically after some time. When unused, you can freeze the henna paste for up to 3 months & defrost 20 minutes before application.

As henna is a natural ingredient, it is generally safe for all kinds of skin. However, you are advised to perform a patch test on a small part & check for allergies. Discontinue the use if you observe any allergic reactions.


The Bachelorette Party is a celebration of love, friendship, and support for the next phase of the bride-to-be. Choosing henna for party makes it even more special when you create amazing natural henna tattoos to make her more beautiful for the upcoming wedding. While the intricate henna tattoos will adorn their feet and arms, the gossip, heartfelt conversations, and the laughs shared will be cherished by everyone for a lifetime. Embrace new beginnings with Mihenna’s bachelorette henna tattoo party kit & make your day treasured forever.

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