10 Outstanding Wedding Henna Designs to Motivate You

10 Outstanding Wedding Henna Designs to Motivate You

Henna has been prominent during wedding celebrations in Asian & African cultures. From being a cultural ritual on festive occasions, henna has gone viral, especially among teens & young adults. The henna fever has gradually reached even Western weddings in recent years. It is mainly practiced at the bachelorette’s party & wedding day in the United States. This article discusses the top 10 wedding henna tattoo designs to look beckoning on your wedding day. These DIY henna designs are unique, magical, and elegant, making them ideal for any & every occasion.

Mandala Designs Are A Must

A wedding celebration isn’t complete without decorating your hands with amazing mandala designs. Let the symmetry of mandala henna designs bring balance & harmony to you (the bride) on your special day. Mandala designs are globally associated with spiritual practices and meditation. The designs are versatile for personalization according to the couple's preferences, making them a popular choice for wedding occasions.

1. Passion fruit

A woman showing off Mihenna’s Passion fruit henna tattoo.

Keep your mind calm & refreshed during the wedding season with a passion fruit mandala henna design. The passion fruit stencil has five ring designs to help you try a new look every time.

2. Haley Henna Design

A woman displaying Haley henna tattoo at the front & back of her palms.

The Haley henna hand tattoo is one of the popular mandala henna designs used in weddings. The intricate concentric circles symmetrically spread inside out, surrounded by tiny strokes, make the design look nothing short of an artistic marvel. Using the Haley henna stencil, you can perfectly recreate this complex design on your wedding day.

Floral Designs That Blossom Love at First Sight

Floral designs are a forever trend for weddings. The henna designs flower tattoos universally represent beauty, femininity, & love. Thus, they are widely admired by Western countries. The delicacy of floral patterns adds an elegant touch to the bride & sets a romantic mood for the wedding night. Here are some of the best floral designs:

3. Azalea Henna Stencil

A pretty woman showing off Azalea henna design wrapped around her neck

Curl the design around your wrist for an adorable flower bangle design, or wear it as a necklace; the Azalea stencil offers creative ways to get the henna hand tattoo designs for your bachelorette party or wedding night.

4. Flower Power Henna Design

An image of a woman’s hand with a flower power henna design at the back of her palm.

Floral petals symbolize the power of unity, growth & the fleeting nature of life. They are graceful, intricate & versatile enough to allow customization. Including floral patterns can add a romantic touch & sophistication to the design look. Get Flower Power stencil to recreate the design seamlessly wherever you want.

Ring Tattoo Designs For a Mini Engagement

Wedding Couples can customize ring henna designs according to their preferences. Mix & match multiple stencil designs for a fantastic henna wedding ring tattoo combination.

5. Opal Henna Design

A pretty woman displaying an Opal henna design on her fingers.

Inspired by the gemstones, this opal henna design is a perfect henna design for your fingers & toes. Unleash your imagination & create unique designs for your henna party wedding day.

6. Wren Henna Design

An image of a woman’s right hand with a Wren henna design on her fingers

Can’t take your eyes off those pretty fingers, right? Wren Henna tattoo design will make your fingers look good aesthetically. This Wren henna wedding ring tattoo is bound to amplify the look of any henna design.

Glorify your legs with Leg Henna Designs

We know that legs are one of the most important parts of our bodies, yet they are the most ignored ones. Your legs deserve attention. Adorn the beauty of your legs with natural henna tattoos on this wedding day.

7. Fawn Henna Design

An image representing a woman’s feet with Mihenna’s Fawn henna design.

Walk each step in style & elegance with the Fawn henna tattoo on your feet. Quickly create this henna tattoo with Fawn stencil & grab attention wherever you go.

8. Courage Henna Stencil

An image displaying a woman’s right leg with a Courage henna design on her ankle

The uncertainty of marriage can leave you stressed during your wedding. Get this courage henna stencil design on your ankle & remind yourself that there is no obstacle you cannot overcome in life.

Backhand Henna Designs

Backhand designs are highly sought-after henna designs for weddings. Any wedding henna design goes incomplete without the henna designs backhand tattoos. Here are some of the best designs to try:

9. Aphrodite Design

An image of a pretty woman showing off Aphrodite backhand design on her right hand.

Aphrodite represents unwavering strength & resilience. Use Aphrodite stencil to create the henna tattoo quickly & awaken your inner strength to handle any obstacle in life.

10. Athena

An image representing a woman’s left hand with Athena henna design at the back.

Compliment this exquisite Athena henna design with ring designs for your henna wedding party & steal the show in style.

Mix & Match

While each of the above wedding henna designs is beautiful in its own way, you can combine two or more henna designs to make visually appealing & one-of-a-kind designs. Combine two or more stencils to create unique & full-fledged henna tattoos every day till your wedding season ends.

Making Henna Tattoos using Henna Design Stencils

What makes Mihenna stand out from other henna manufacturers is that you get organic henna powder, which is pure and chemical-free. You can buy organic henna powder & prepare fresh henna paste at home. This way, unlike commercially available henna pastes, you avoid using chemicals in the henna paste.

If you don’t have time to prepare the paste at home, buy Mihenna’s henna cone. It is organic, chemical-free, and doesn’t contain any preservatives. For this reason, users can sense a raw, earthy fragrance from the henna paste.

Read on to learn how to create splendid henna tattoos in five simple steps with Mihenna’s henna design stencils:

  1. Cut out your favorite stencil designs & peel off the adhesive at the back. Carefully stick the stencil on your skin.
  2. Apply the henna paste on the stencil. Use a spatula to ensure all the stencil gaps are evenly filled with henna paste.
  3. Leave the paste undisturbed for at least two hours or more. Remove the stencil from the skin. If you peel out the stencil without tearing it, you can use the same stencil for multiple applications.
  4. Use tissues & coconut oil to remove the residual henna paste. The coconut oil moisturizes the hennaed areas & protects the color from water, dirt & sun.
  5. Wait 24-48 hours for the henna color to reach its peak color intensity & be amazed by the striking wedding henna designs for your special day.

Bachelorette Henna Kit: A Must-Have for Wedding

Ready to rock your bachelorette night? Let Mihenna’s Bachelorette henna kit help you make lifetime memories with your friends using henna tattoos. From mandala henna designs to modern tattoo designs for fashion lovers, the kit offers 15 different stencil designs for you. Let your creativity go wild on bachelorette’s night and combine two or more stencils to create extraordinary wedding henna designs.

Note: Organic henna is directly extracted from plants. Thus, it is generally safe on the skin. If you are a first-time henna user, we strictly advise you not to try henna on your wedding day. Skin rashes and swelling are the last things you ever want at your wedding. Ensure henna suits your skin type & try it much ahead of your D-day for a safer experience.


For many centuries, the Henna wedding tradition has held special significance in Indian & some parts of African cultures. Because of its therapeutic benefits, henna is gradually making a special place in Western culture and Weddings. It serves as a safe alternative to permanent tattoos in the market. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. We’re sure you want to make it safe & peaceful. We can totally understand how overwhelming a wedding can be to the bride. Mihenna got your back. We have created a list of 10 amazing wedding henna designs for your special day. Try the designs with your partner & set some serious couple goals. Don’t forget to come back to share your experience with us.

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