Budget-Friendly Body Art: DIY Henna and Jagua Kits for College Students

Budget-Friendly Body Art: DIY Henna and Jagua Kits for College Students

Just as Henna & Jagua have been stealing the spotlight in weddings & special events, this craze has spread to the students, too. Students often fantasize about fashion and permanent tattoos inspired by their favorite celebrities & influencers.

Thanks to Jagua & Henna tattoos, the world is getting to know about the natural & safe alternatives to permanent tattoos. And you don't have to be a pro tattoo artist for stunning body art. You can adorn yourself with intricate designs and tattoos with DIY tattoo kits.

Mihenna is here to help! This article is a beginner-friendly guide for DIY Jagua tattoo kit & henna kit for college-going students.

Understanding the Student Budget Barrier

College life is a juggling act of endless classes, managing expenses, and having some fun, too! The dream of getting that killer tattoo might seem like a distant fantasy when faced with price tags and lifelong commitments. But fear not! Meet the hero of the hour – Mihenna tattoo kits.

If you ask, why Mihenna? Here are some compelling reasons:

Pure & Natural Body Art

  • Think of these kits as gifts from nature to amplify your appearance. No chemicals, no additives, just pure and safe goodness for your skin.

Painless and No Strings Attached

  • Bid farewell to the painful needles and the forever commitment. Mihenna lets you rock those tattoos without the pain. It's like a tattoo fling – no strings attached!


  • We get it. College wallets scream, "Handle with care!" But Mihenna is your budget-friendly ticket to artistic self-expression. One kit, endless possibilities – the ultimate college hack!

So, whether you're a body art professional or just testing the waters as a student, get our DIY henna body art kits to turn your college body art fantasies into reality. Let the creative vibes flow, and kick off this DIY party!

Introducing DIY Henna and Jagua Kits

Navigate your thrilling early adulthood with Mihenna's DIY Henna and Jagua Kits. This journey is about chasing the dopamine rush—balancing academics, sports leadership, and a fashionable flair in the diverse college atmosphere.

The desire to experiment with different styles, from hairstyles to unconventional outfits, is amplified in this college space. Amid the trend of tattoos for a stylish look, the catch of painful needles, health concerns, and lifelong commitments with permanent ink becomes apparent. But fear not, as Mihenna brings forth organic and temporary tattoo solutions!

Our DIY henna kits for beginners offer a pain-free and commitment-free alternative, providing a one-stop solution for all your realistic tattoo needs. Express your unique style, and dive into the world of Mihenna for a temporary self-expression journey.

Want to express your love? Create personalized Henna & Jagua designs with our stencils & make your partner feel special.

1. Jagua Tattoo Kit

The Jagua tattoo kit with Jagua gel bottle, white applicator bottle, collection of four stencils, & other supplies.

Explore the latest addition to our Jagua collection—the Jagua tattoo kit, specially crafted for college students. This kit guarantees ultra-realistic tattoos with striking blue-black stains that mimic the appearance of permanent ink.

The unique advantage? These tattoos are completely natural and don't demand a lifetime commitment. Further, it’s super easy to create authentic temporary tattoos with stylish Jagua tattoo stencils.

Need more inspiration? Explore our guide to the Jagua tattoo kit today!

2. Henna Tattoo Kit

The henna powder kit with a pack of henna powder, essential oils, applicator bottles & other tattoo supplies.

Meet our highly anticipated and immensely popular product, the Henna tattoo kit. If you're not into black tattoos, embrace the beauty of natural henna tattoos. Check out our extensive range featuring 10+ Henna tattoo kits, each designed for a specific purpose.

These organic and affordable kits come equipped with unique henna stencils to enhance your beauty. Explore the world of Henna tattoos and amplify your unique style! Choose the tattoo kit that aligns with your requirements.

Our collection includes:

Step-by-Step Application Guide

Considering the limited experience level of college students, tattoos may appear challenging. The good news is that the tattoo application procedures for both Henna and Jagua are similar and easy to follow.

Start your creative journey for striking reddish-brown henna designs with the henna tattoo kit and sophisticated dark patterns with the Jagua tattoo kit. Embrace the learning curve and let your artistic side shine through!

  1. Gather your henna body art supplies from the kits, ensuring you have everything at your fingertips. Lay down old newspapers to protect the floor from any potential staining while you work.
  2. Prepare the canvas – your skin! Cleanse the intended tattoo area thoroughly to remove oils or product build-up for better henna/jagua penetration.
  3. Choose your stencil design and get creative! Cut out the stencils & mix and match them. This way, you can create personalized Henna & Jagua designs that suit your style.
  4. For henna tattoos, attach the henna stencils to your skin. Then, evenly spread the henna paste, ensuring it fills the gaps seamlessly.
  5. If you want a Jagua tattoo, use the applicator bottle to apply the Jagua gel onto your skin with precision.
  6. Let your creations rest for at least 2 hours, giving the paste ample time to work magic.
  7. When removing the paste for henna tattoos, you can use coconut oil and tissues. Avoid contact with water initially.To remove dried Jagua gel, a gentle stream of running water is enough.
  8. Post-tattoo care is a must to preserve stain quality. Moisturize with coconut oil for your aftercare routine, and patiently wait for 24-48 hours to watch your tattoos darken to their full glory!
  9. Remember, henna delivers reddish-brown tattoos, while Jagua body art gives you realistic, dark tattoos similar to the permanent ones.

As you can see, Mihenna kits make it easy peasy to create your unique Henna and Jagua creations!

Quick-Dry Solutions for On-the-Go Students

We understand that the life of college students & university grads is squeezed between countless classes & assignments. There is little time for self-care. Amidst this chaos, taking care of your appearance and style may take a back seat.

The good news? We've got your back with quick solutions! Our specially crafted quick-drying products are designed to help you express your style in no time. Take a peek at our Jagua gel in the Mihenna Jagua tattoo kit. It is infused with isopropyl alcohol, ensuring rapid drying so you can create tattoos within minutes.

Tips for Maximizing Kit Usage

  1. Read the instructions thoroughly before embarking on your tattoo journey. Gather the recommended henna accessories for a hassle-free tattoo experience.
  2. Prepare your space by creating a clean and well-ventilated environment. A tidy space ensures a seamless tattoo application process.
  3. If you're a tattoo rookie, start with some paper practice. Experiment with different techniques before trying it on your skin.
  4. Seek inspiration from the vast world of social media and online sources. There's a wealth of designs out there to fuel your creative fire.
  5. Use the included henna stencils for precise and intricate designs. It's like having a built-in guide for your artistic endeavors.
  6. After your creative session, follow the recommended drying time and aftercare routine for tattoos that look great and last longer.
  7. Don't let anything go to waste! Freeze any leftover paste in the refrigerator and vacuum-seal it to keep it fresh for future artistic endeavors.
  8. Embrace the beauty of nature-inspired organic tattoos with our Jagua temporary tattoo kit, and share your unique creations with us.

Addressing Common Concerns

In your college life, the last thing you want is to be teased or face unnecessary challenges. Who needs the extra stress of potential bullying, right?

Worries might flood your mind about the quality of the tattoo, how long it will last, the aftercare routine, preserving your ink, dealing with sensitive skin, and managing potential allergic reactions.

Let's push those concerns aside and get the attention you deserve. We've got your back to ensure a safe and straightforward tattoo application.

Our DIY Henna kits & Jagua tattoo kits are designed to be user-friendly, budget-friendly, and, most importantly, gentle on various skin types. Just follow the simple procedure outlined, and prepare to unveil captivating tattoos that are uniquely yours.

Customer Testimonials

If you're still unsure of the results, look at what our customers say about tattoo kits. 


There we go. We explored everything from DIY henna kits & Jagua tattoo kits to the application process & guide for college-going students. Mihenna tattoo kits serve as your beginner-friendly guide, making your college life artistically beautiful without drilling your pockets.

So, explore Mihenna’s diverse collection and buy the tattoo kit that best suits your needs!

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