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The BFF Henna Kit


Stencils Included:


  • Ready-to-use henna cone (fills 6 - 8 designs)
  • One vial of coconut oil
  • Instructions for professional results

Nothing is better than quality time spent with your bestie. Now you can have matching henna tattoos for up to three weeks after application. Those BFF selfies are going to be bomb!

Mihenna wants your henna session to be focused on just hanging out and having fun, so we've prepared everything you need in one convenient henna tattoo kit for two. Pick a pair of matching sticker stencils from the eight we've selected for you and adhere it to your hands, feet, arms, or anywhere else your imagination takes you! Then use the pre-made henna paste we've provided to fill in the stencil. Wait at least two hours for the paste to dry (or up to twelve for a darker color), and then peel off the sticker. You can use the coconut oil to help remove the dried paste and for the next few days to keep your skin moisturized for longer-lasting henna tattoos. The memories you create will last a lifetime!

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