Unlocking the Art of Jagua Tattoos: A Comprehensive Guide to Jagua Tattoo Kit

Unlocking the Art of Jagua Tattoos: A Comprehensive Guide to Jagua Tattoo Kit

Hey, trendsetters! Introducing the latest sensation: Our Jagua Tattoo Kit is now live! In our previous blogs, we've delved into the wonders of henna and its natural approach to creating beautiful tattoos. However, henna produces reddish brown temporary tattoos, which makes people search for other alternatives for black tattoos.

Black henna is a popular product that delivers those deep, dark designs. But here's the catch: despite its name, it's far from natural. Packed with a chemical called PPD (Paraphenylenediamine), it creates black stains and poses serious risks to the skin.

Despite reported disasters, black henna still has a market. Enter the hero – Jagua. Celebrated by Amazon tribes for thousands of years for its vibrant coloring properties, Jagua emerges as a promising solution to creating alluring black temporary tattoos. Today, we explore the significance of Jagua and unveil our Jagua Kit to meet all your tattoo needs.

Understanding Jagua Temporary Tattoo Ink

Jagua ink, made from the Genipa Americana fruit, produces captivating temporary tattoos on the skin. It has been associated with South Americans for over 2000 years, where people use it as body art.

But have you ever wondered how this beautiful Jagua ink is created? The process is simple and effective. The jagua fruit is carefully selected before it reaches full maturity, and its juice is then transformed into a gel. This gel produces dark blue-black stains on the skin that can last up to 1-2 weeks as long as you take proper care of them.

But there's more! Jagua paint isn't just for body art. It's also used to dye clothes and for various artistic projects. Blend it with essential oils to improve the staining properties.

Now, let us understand the safety aspect of Jagua. If you're worried about how it can affect your skin, there's no need to stress. Jagua is as natural as it gets, just like henna. There are no weird chemicals here – it's all plant power, and thus, it is generally safe. But if you're allergic to tropical fruits, you might want to be careful. Jagua gel is essentially the juice from the fruit so it could cause allergies.

For extra safety, do a patch test. Just dab a little jagua on your skin and watch for any signs of allergies. If everything's cool, unleash your creativity through temporary tattoos. But if you notice something is wrong, stop using it and call a doctor for advice. Keep it safe and stylish, friends!

The Components of a Jagua Tattoo Kit

A picture showcasing a Jagua gel bottle, an applicator bottle & four different-sized tips for instant application.

Let us unveil the components inside Mihenna’s Jagua temporary tattoo kit:

  • 1. Jagua Gel (60 ml): Your gateway to stunning and organic body art! Crafted from the Genipa Americana fruit, this 100% organic Jagua gel is a game-changer in skin coloring.
  • 2. One Applicator Bottle With 4 Variable-Sized Tips: Your ticket to effortless Jagua paint application. The four tips come in different sizes, letting you unleash your creativity with various line thicknesses.
  • 3. Three Wood Spatulas: The unsung heroes for a smooth and uniform application of Jagua gel. No more uneven masterpieces – these spatulas have got you covered.
  • 4. 20+ Stencil Sticker Designs: Dive into a world of inspiration with these Jagua tattoo stencils. Transform ordinary into extraordinary by effortlessly creating intricate designs with minimal effort.
  • 5. A Detailed Instruction Card: Your trusty guide through the Jagua gel application journey. From start to finish, this card has insider tips to help you create tattoos that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Ready to elevate your body art game? The Jagua Tattoo Kit has your back – let the creative adventure begin!

Jagua Paint Application Process

A woman adorning her fingers with Jagua temporary tattoos using an applicator bottle.

Let's learn about the art of making Jagua tattoos! First things first – pick a Jagua tattoo design that speaks to you. Get inspired by social media, surf the internet, or explore our stash of stencil designs to enhance your beauty. Now, let's get down to the application process:

  • 1. Prepare Your Skin For Application: Clean the area you want to tattoo using soap or alcohol. Ensure it is free from oil, dirt, and any product build-up.
  • 2. Get Your Jagua Gel Ready: Once your Jagua gel is ready, transfer it into the applicator bottle for a smooth and easy application.
  • 3. Choose Your Style: If you're a henna pro, unleash your creativity with free-hand Jagua tattoo designs. Beginners, don't fret – opt for stencils to guide you through creating intricate designs effortlessly.
  • 4. Stencil Magic: Cut out the stencil of your chosen design. Peel off the adhesive, stick it onto your skin, and voila – you've got your roadmap. Fill in the stencil gaps with Jagua gel, ensuring a nice, even spread. Don't worry about hiccups – wooden spatulas and tissues are your cleanup crew.
  • 5. Patience is Key: Find a cozy spot and let the applied gel do it for at least 2 hours. Relax, unwind, and let the magic happen.
  • 6. Peel and Reveal: Once the gel dries, peel off the stencil and give your tattoo a warm water wash. The stains might seem faint initially, but give it 24 to 48 hours – that's when the colors will truly pop.
  • 7. Embrace the Natural Fading Process: Your Jagua tattoo is here to stay for up to 2 weeks, depending on where it's placed, how well you care for it, and the adventures you embark on!

Embrace the artistry, soak in the process, and let your Jagua tattoo shine!

Caring for Jagua Tattoos

While Jagua delivers mesmerizing temporary tattoos, their vibrancy, and longevity heavily depend on the aftercare you provide.

Here are some tips to ensure your stains stick around for the long haul:

  • 1. Follow application instructions: Apply Jagua as directed and allow the paste to dry for the recommended time.
  • 2. Stay dry initially: Limit water exposure to your tattoos in the first few hours after removing the Jagua.
  • 3. Moisturize: Use natural oils like coconut oil to hydrate your skin and guard it against dirt, water & harmful UV rays.
  • 4. A Strict No to Harmful Chemicals: Don’t expose your tattoo to strong chemicals, such as chlorine in pools and strong agents, as they can accelerate the fading process.
  • 5. Beware of friction: Tight clothing and intense activities like dishwashing can contribute to tattoo fading too soon. So, take it easy.
  • 6. Stay hydrated: Hydrating yourself with water improves your overall health. Also, it helps maintain skin elasticity and supports healing.

Remember, Jagua tattoos are temporary and will naturally fade over time. Take pride in caring for them, embracing their evolving beauty at every stage.

Jagua Safety

A woman wearing white sneakers with pink bottom adorning jagua tattoos on her arm & leg.

We consider transparency as the initial stride towards trust. Here's the detailed breakdown of Jagua gel ingredients - Our Jagua gel is crafted from freshly extracted Jagua powder from the Genipa Americana fruit. This raw material is skillfully blended with essential oils, distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, and Xanthan Gum, culminating in the creation of the Jagua gel.

The Jagua gel you receive in Mihenna’s Jagua ink kit is completely organic and cruelty-free. It has not undergone animal testing. But, keeping Jagua away from animals is crucial, as ingestion may pose potential risks.

If you're allergic to tropical fruits such as Genipa Americana, it's advisable to perform a patch test before applying Jagua gel.

Given its organic composition, the ingredients of the Jagua tattoo kit may naturally degrade over time. To maximize the lifespan of your Jagua gel, consider refrigerating the bottles after use. They can maintain their effectiveness for up to three months with proper care.

Stay organic and keep it fresh! If you have any doubts, explore our frequently asked questions on Jagua. Purchase with confidence & peace of mind.


This article has delved into the world of Jagua, discussing its origin & application process to unveiling the components of the Jagua gel kit. Our Jagua tattoo kit brings out the best of amazing temporary tattoos while ensuring safety. Say goodbye to the killer black henna and embrace the organic Jagua gel for creating striking blue-black temporary tattoos.

What are your thoughts on Jagua? Have you tried it earlier? Share in the comments below.

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