Accessorize with Henna Jewelry

Henna jewelry - ring designs on woman's hand by Mihenna

Bejewel yourself from head to toe with henna jewelry. Our DIY henna stencils gives you the ability to create your own unique style by mixing and matching our various jewelry-inspired henna designs - choose from henna rings, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets to complete your look. The adhesive stencils let you create a perfect tattoo without having to worry about unplanned out designs or mistaken smears and smudges. You'll get flawless tattoos every time. Check out these sticker stencils to get started with semi-permanent accessories:

Hand with henna jewelry

Ring Henna Tattoos

Henna rings are so popular that we have put together a whole kit of just ring designs. Use The Ring Kit to create flawless henna tattoos with our pre-made ring designs. Of the 8 stencils included in the kit, we think you'll especially love the Wren henna stencil which has three styles of ring designs for you. Bold and beautiful, the Wren stencil is the perfect henna design for fingers or toes and adds that extra little something that every look needs in order to slay. Wear a henna toe ring with a pair of sandals and embrace a gorgeous sunny day.

Bracelet Henna Tattoo

Our Camellia henna stencil incorporates a variety of designs into one. In addition to the blooming mandala and stylish rings, this henna stencil also includes a dangling henna bracelet with a pendant to wrap around your wrist. With so much to work with, you can spread out these henna designs or feature them all on one hand. Any combination you choose will bring an extra pop to any outfit you’re wearing out on the town.

Henna jewelry - bracelet on wrist
Henna jewelry - dangling bracelet henna tattoo
Henna jewelry - bracelet on upper arm

Necklace Henna Tattoo

Our Princess henna stencil is designed to rest draped across your chest like a real necklace that you don’t have to worry about losing, tangling, or sliding the wrong way. The Princess henna tattoo is elegantly designed as a standout, one-of-a-kind piece to show off your high-class fashion. Pair this henna stencil with a deep neckline to reveal the diamond-esque design and head out for the evening.

All of our stencil designs are open for interpretation. Try something new and use a floral henna design as a necklace just because you can. For even more tips on how to innovate henna designs, check out our Mix n' Match blog post.

Henna jewelry - necklace design on chest
Henna jewelry - necklace on back of neck
Henna jewelry - henna chest design

Anklet Henna Tattoo

Our Hera henna stencil is the perfect bangle for your ankle. Full of texture and elaborate designs, this is one henna tattoo that will wow any admirer. Shorts weather is just around the corner which means it’s the perfect time to start accessorizing your daytime outfits with henna. Hera is a henna ankle tattoo you can’t miss.

Henna jewelry - anklets on both feet
Henna jewelry - anklet henna tattoo while wearing heels
Henna jewelry - anklet henna design

How to Apply a Henna Jewelry Tattoos

Once you’ve selected the perfect piece to accessorize with, you’ll need to know how to apply. First you’ll need some of our organic henna paste. Add a cone to any stencil or head over to our Essentials collection to pick out the henna cone that’s right for your needs. To finish strong, also grab a vial of coconut oil while you’re there so that you can keep your henna tattoo moisturized and long-lasting.

Applying Henna Sticker Stencils

Create henna jewelry by applying henna paste to stencil

With everything you need in hand, select where you want to wear your henna jewelry. Make sure the area is clean and dry before you adhere the sticker stencil by peeling off the backing and pressing to your skin.

Use the henna cone to cover all the stencil cutouts. Allow the paste to dry for at least 2 hours and up to 12. After 20 minutes, when the paste is dry and crusty, you can wrap the area in plastic wrap so that you can carry on with your day without worrying about losing henna everywhere.

When you ready to remove the sticker stencil, slowly peel it off and use a paper towel and the coconut oil (not water!) to remove any extra henna paste. Your henna tattoo will darken over the next 24 hours to a deep, beautiful brown.

Now your henna jewelry tattoo is ready to match up with your favorite outfit. Get out there and show off your style!

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