Create Your Own Staychella Fest

Create Your Own Staychella Fest

Even if you’re not busy packing for Coachella this weekend, you can still have all of the fun with your own personal Staychella. Watch all your fav performers, throw on some festival wear, and celebrate the weekend for a fraction of the cost and way less crowds. Your Staychella should be the embodiment of everything that you want out of the weekend, but we think the best way to do it is getting together with your friends to celebrate music, art, and especially food. Check out our tips below to create an amazing Staychella experience with all you besties.

Choose Your Music

Create Your Staychella Playlist

Coachella has made it easy to keep up with the music festival on their live streaming website. You can live stream what’s happening right now, tune in for exactly what you want to hear, skip straight to the highlights, hear only the artists you love, or jam to premade playlists that capture all the Coachella vibes.

Or create something that’s unique to your own tastes! Put together a playlist of your favorite performers, whether they made it to Coachella this year or not. Your Staychella, your rules!

Dress in Festival Wear

Choose Your Staychella Festival Outfit

The best way to get in the mood for a music festival is to look the part. Bust out the comfy boho-chic. Go big with a wild, colorful print. Show off your style! And the best part about festival for Staychella is that you don’t have to worry about dressing for the desert sun. Wear what makes you feel selfie-worthy.

Don’t forget to accessorize! Take your makeup to the next level. Get glitter on everything. Try a new style with your hair. Find a henna sticker stencil to complement your look or get something for everyone with one of our body art henna kits. Our kits have 8 stencils with henna designs ranging from floral to tribal to cute cartoons along with a henna cone, coconut oil, and a pamphlet of instructions. Kicking off Staychella by throwing a henna party is the perfect way to get everyone in the mood and looking festival ready.

Make the Menu

Create Your Staychella Menu

You can’t have a Staychella party without good eats and fashionable drinks. Coachella Fest is a hipster foodie’s dream come true, and you can have it too. One of the big Chef names at Coachella this year is Roy Choi of LA’s Kogi and Chego, and he’s serving up Korean BBQ fusion dishes both weekends. Get in on the deliciousness and make your own kimchi fries and pork belly rice bowl to celebrate Staychella or order in with Postmates, the official delivery service of Coachella.

Top everything off with a delectable drink menu. Think fresh and refreshing. Create your own custom cocktail that’s ideal for your Staychella vision or go with a reliable sangria recipe that everyone will love. But if your guests are anything like ours, they’ll be happy with any available beverage!

Celebrate Staychella

Invite Friends for a Staychella Party

Once you’ve got everything together, have your Staychella squad come over for a relaxing, wallet-friendly version of Coachella. Everyone can munch on Korean BBQ and sip on sangria while you decorate each other in henna body art with Childish Gambino playing in the background. You won’t be missing out on a thing!

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