Wren Henna Stencil


You were made to soar! Embrace the spirit of the Wren with these ring henna stencils that will complement any look. With 3 different styles, you can combine them all or choose the look you like the best. Wear them on your fingers or your toes. Wear them alone or with any of our other pieces. Any way you choose to show off your new look, we know you'll be flying high.

Whistle a little birdsong as you create your own henna body art with our easy-to-use sticker stencils. You'll have gorgeous results with the Wren ring henna stencils. Simply cut out the rings, peel of the protective backing, and firmly press the adhesive to your skin. Apply henna paste over the stencil, and allow it to dry for two to twelve hours. Lastly, you can peel off the sticker stencil and show off your Wren rings to the whole world. Let's hope they're ready for you!

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