What is the Best Gift for Your Best Friend?

What is the Best Gift for Your Best Friend?

It can be hard to pick out the perfect gift for your best friend when she deserves the whole world. We’ve got an idea that will be a better fit for your wallet, not to mention her closet. What could be better than a bestie experience you can both share! There’s nothing better than bonding over henna with your fav.

BFF Henna Tattoo Kit with Matching Stencils

Two women holding BFF Henna Tattoo Kits

Spend some quality time together with this memorable gift for your best friend: Mihenna’s BFF Henna Tattoo Kit. The art of henna application is used around the globe as a way to come together and bond with new or old friends. There’s nothing better than sharing time together and having your henna tattoos as a reminder of your friendship.

Our kits are designed to make your henna application as easy and straightforward as possible. We’ve doubled up 3 of our gorgeous henna designs so that you and your bestie can have matching henna tattoos (plus two more unmatched designs). Using a Mihenna stencil ensures that even beginner henna artists will get flawless temporary tattoos.

Along with the 8 stencils, The BFF Kit also includes our pre-made, organic henna paste and moisturizing coconut oil. To save you time and mess, we mix the henna paste when you order and send a ready-to-use henna cone in your henna tattoo kit. Use the vial of coconut oil to keep your tattoo a rich brown color for weeks after your application.

The best part of The BFF Henna Tattoo Kit is, of course, the henna tattoos. Let’s learn more about which designs you and your best friend will be sporting.

Matching Henna Tattoos

These are a few examples of matching henna tattoos:


Dahlia henna tattoo on back of hand

We included two copies of our most popular stencils so you both will look stylish in our Dahlia henna tattoo. While the Dahlia stencil fits perfectly on the back of your hand, this henna design can be used anywhere. We think it looks especially good on your ankle or foot. This design is named after the Dahlia flower, which represents dignity - making it perfect for two queens.

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit henna tattoo on foot

There’s nothing sweeter than sharing our Passion Fruit henna stencil with your best friend. This mandala henna tattoo includes 4 rings of a variety of patterns. This design looks amazing just about anywhere you choose to put it because it evokes the shape of the unique and exotic passion flower, or passiflora, that grows before the passion fruit develops.


Pearl henna tattoo on back of hand

Another well-loved design from our collection of sticker stencils is the Pearl henna tattoo. Classy and elegant, this is the perfect gift for your best friend because you get one too! Between the two of you, you’ll be sporting 4 mandalas with this jewelry-inspired henna tattoo made to grace the back of your hand. This henna tattoo manages to capture the simple yet elegant beauty of a pearl.

Non-Matching Henna Tattoos

Here is a collection of a few non-matching henna tattoos:


Azalea henna tattoo on ankles

There may be only one copy of the Azalea henna stencil in the BFF Kit, but this stencil just so happens to come in a pair already. You’ll get two strands of floral henna designs that you can split up or flip for who gets to wear them both. The string of flowers can also be separated into individual flowers to accent any part of your body. You’ll be blossoming with henna tattoos in no time.


Radiant henna tattoo on finger

The Radiant ring henna tattoos are another stencil you can choose to share or allow one person to wear them all. With 5 ring designs, you can wear them all on one hand for a bold statement or you can scatter them across your fingers and toes for a simpler look. No matter how you choose to wear your henna, you are sure to look absolutely radiant.

The Best Gift for Your Best Friend is You

Best friends with matching henna tattoos

Time spent together is irreplaceable, and with the BFF Henna Tattoo Kit, you’ll carry a memento of your best friend and that bonding time for weeks afterward. Each time you look at your henna tattoo, you’ll know that your best friend is wearing the companion piece. Whether near or far, you are connected through matching henna stencils. Give the gift of togetherness and get the BFF Henna Tattoo Kit for your best friend.

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