Customer Review - Wedding Henna

Customer Review - Wedding Henna

Today we have a special guest post from one of our favorite customers who knew to look to Mihenna to save the day! Thank you to Krista and all of our henna goddesses for choosing us for all your henna needs.

Wedding Henna Just in Time!

My name is Krista, and I’m so happy I had some Mihenna stencils right when I needed them!

I’m American, but I live in India with my husband. In November, I was home to visit my family for Thanksgiving because there’s nothing like massive amounts of food to remind you of all the good things in the US. While I was in the country, I wanted to share my favorite parts of India with my friends and family. Unfortunately, I’m no artist, so I wasn’t sure henna tattoos were going to be an option until I found Mihenna.

Amazon feels like a not-so-necessary evil, so I try to buy from local businesses as much as possible. What sold me on buying from Mihenna is that it's an Indian-owned business and their ingredients are natural and safe. I got the Best Seller Kit, and there was plenty of stencils and henna paste to go around. I was so happy I could still share the tradition I've come to love while living in India. And of course, my friends loved it too!

Various henna tattoo designs on backs of hands

Flash forward to me having to leave right after Thanksgiving in order to get back to India in time for my brother-in-law’s wedding. I knew I was going to miss some of the events leading up to the wedding, like the mehndi ceremony where all of the women get henna done before the wedding. It’s a great time to get to know everyone and beautiful for the wedding - kind of like a bachelorette party but significantly less drinking. But I was going to have to miss it and not have henna for the wedding.

Two henna stencils into one henna tattoo

Until I was unpacking and found some unused henna stencils in my bag! My husband and I spent the evening before the wedding crafting the perfect henna design by mixing and matching the stencils together. I decided to combine Athena and Fierce into one giant henna tattoo stretching from my pinky to forearm. One thing that’s awesome about the stencils is that you can trim them to fit you exactly. I made a few snips here and there so that the henna stencil would bend around my fingers and wrist in the best way to have full contact with my skin and no bumps or wrinkles. I cut off part of the Fierce stencil so that I could wrap it around Athena, making them blend better. Even though I was using pre-made stencils, it still felt like my own custom, personalized design.

Apply henna paste onto henna stencil Henna tattoo design on back of hand and wrist

Once I had the stencils exactly how I wanted for the perfect temporary tattoo, my husband and I tag-teamed applying the henna paste and spreading it into all the spaces with the wooden spatula. With our combined effort, we got the work done super fast with plenty of time to spare before I knocked out from jetlag. At one point, Mihenna saved us from disaster. My husband’s hand bumped into mine and smeared against the still wet henna paste. If this had been a traditional henna tattoo, the design would have been totally ruined. But since I was using a sticker stencil, it was not a problem. We just filled in a bit more paste and didn’t worry about it at all.

We were such pros at henna that my husband decided to make himself a little flower too. Due to the placement, he was able to do that one totally on his own. While henna is great for sharing, Mihenna makes it so easy that you can do it without any help.

Flower henna tattoo on palmFlower henna tattoo on palm
After two hours, I peeled off the stencil to reveal the orange-ish henna tattoo starting to stain my skin. I used the coconut oil to loosen the remaining henna paste and moisturize my skin to help the stain last longer. Then I went to bed. When I got up the next day, the stain had darkened from orange to brown and looked just as good as anyone else’s who had attended the mehndi ceremony. I was proud to show off my Mihenna at my brother-in-law’s wedding as I bhangra’ed the night away! All in all, I give Mihenna a 5 star review for their wedding-saving henna tattoo kits.
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