• All the supplies you need to create your own henna paste
  • Henna Applicator Bottle Tips of Various Sizes
  • Pouring pure, natural henna powder into a glass cup
  • Woman adding essential oils to pure henna powder and wearing henna tattoos on her hand
  • Preparing henna powder from pure henna
  • Fresh henna paste made from pure henna powder and organic essential oils from Mihenna
  • Filling the applicator bottle with homemade henna paste
  • Choosing henna applicator bottle tip
  • Applying homemade henna paste to henna stencil
  • Removing stencil to reveal henna tattoo on back of hand

The Henna Powder Kit USDA Certified Organic

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Create your own henna paste with our organic ingredients!

Henna Powder Kit includes:

  • 100 grams of USDA-certified organic henna powder
  • 15 ml of USDA-certified organic essential oils
  • 2 applicator bottles with a variety of tips
  • 16” carrot bag for henna paste storage
  • 1 roller bottle of coconut oil
  • Illustrated, step-by-step instructions

Have you graduated from our ready-to-use henna paste? Are you ready for a fun DIY challenge? We’ve got just the thing for you! Mihenna now offers a henna powder kit for those ready to make henna paste at home. Everything you need is included for a guess-free, successful henna experience.

Our powder is certified USDA organic and safe for anywhere on your body. It is grown in India, carefully dried, and crushed before being securely packaged and shipped. Combine the natural henna powder with our unique blend of USDA-certified organic essential oils for a bridal quality stain. Our essential oil recipe is custom designed to create beautifully dark and long-lasting henna tattoos. By mixing yourself, you can create your ideal henna paste as thick or thin and as fragrant or subtle as you please. The included applicator bottles and tips make it easy to create your own designs. Switch tips to create thick or thin lines as needed for your henna tattoo design. Or select from our collection of stickers stencils to go with your kit for flawless results! Now it’s time to mix and create something beautiful!

*Before full application, test henna in a small spot. Although rare, if an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use.

Download Henna Powder Instructions Card