Meet the Goddesses - Our Deity-Inspired Henna Stencils

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Every one of our DIY henna sticker stencils will make you feel like a goddess - whether you are blossoming with one of our floral henna designs or wearing a strong and steady geometric henna designs. Yet a few of our stencils carry such a unique beauty and a powerful strength that they evoke the nature of a Greek goddess. Anyone wanting to make an impact with henna tattoos should check out one of our very own goddesses. But good luck choosing which of these three is most beautiful without starting the next Trojan War!

Aphrodite - Our Wrist Cuff Henna Sticker Stencil

Woman wearing Aphrodite henna design on her wrist

It would take a truly special henna design to live up to the reputation of Aphrodite, and we believe we’ve designed exactly a stencil that would do justice to her. Aphrodite is well known as the Greek goddess of love and beauty. She’s been sculpted innumerable times as a graceful and seductive woman. At the same time, she’s so much more than that.

Aphrodite displays great passion in whatever she does. She loves fiercely and is willing to take risks for those she loves, even if it means riding into the middle of a battle to save her son. She may not be a goddess of war, but as the goddess of love, she won’t let war stand in her way. She takes revenge swiftly and strategically, leading to her desired outcome showing how capable she is to those who cross her. Anyone who would consider Aphrodite a weak, delicate figure quickly finds out otherwise.

When you wear our Aphrodite henna stencil as a wrist or ankle cuff, you embody the complexity of traits that made up one of the best known goddesses. You are a goddess full of love, strength, passion, and so much more. Likewise, our henna design is variety of different elements - lines, dashes, circles, swirls, and even a leaf pattern - all working together to create beautiful combination. Wear it with pride and passion and show off the goddess you are!

Athena - Our Versatile Henna Sticker Stencil

Woman wears Athena henna design on her wrist while eating watermelon

Goddess Athena could be known as a “jack of all trades.” While best known as a warrior goddess, she dabbled in a little bit of everything to become the Greek symbol of wisdom, the arts, crafts, math, strategy, law, etc. She used her skills to pave th way by creating new, interesting things like the first olive tree, the first spider (thanks a lot for that, Athena), and even transforming Medusa into the snake-haired Gorgon we know and love.

Sharing her skills was just as important to Athena as cultivating them. We’ve read plenty of stories about her helping different Greek heroes. Whether it was building ships, devising strategies, providing tools, and even disguising Odysseus as a beggar to sneak back to his wife without attracting the attention of her suitors. Athena’s example encourages us not just to learn new skills but also to use them to lend a helping hand to those we meet.

We want to share with you the art of DIY henna. The Athena henna stencil is as unique as its namesake with interlocking concentric circles, almost like cogs in a machine. The henna stencil is strategically designed to guide your eye from beginning to end so that you can take in every little detail. This ingenious look is completed with a ring design to tie the whole design together. This henna tattoo was made to be shared, so go check it out!

Hera - Our Geometric Bangle Henna Sticker Stencil

Woman wears Hera henna design on ankle

Our trinity of goddesses wouldn’t be complete without Hera, queen of the gods and goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth. She loves animals and small creatures and is frequently depicted with peacocks, cuckoos, cows, lotuses and lilies. Majestic and maternal, Hera is also portrayed as jealous and vengeful when she is cheated, betrayed, or crossed whether by other gods or mortals. Her punishment is swift, and her wrath all-consuming. Hera is a force to be reckoned with.

But keep in mind that Hera represents the ideal woman. Any time you are feeling full of rage, remember that Hera sent snakes to kill an infant and the Greeks still looked up to her with awe as the perfect woman and queen of the gods. Every woman is more than just what she appears to be. We are multidimensional with many sides to our personality - all contributing to make us the ideal woman and modern goddess.

Embrace the unbridled power and unchallenged regality of the queen of the gods with our Hera henna stencil. Wear it as your crowning achievement as a bangle around your wrist or ankle. The geometric band is topped with half mandalas connected by dotted arches and finished off with a little trident. Mortal men with quiver in fear at just the sight of your all-powerful, Hera henna tattoo.

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