Organic Henna Powder For The Best Henna Hair Dye Experience

Organic Henna Powder For The Best Henna Hair Dye Experience

Let your hair shine in multiple colors. But not at the cost of your hair health. It is important to keep your hair healthy from the inside while trying different hair treatments. What if I say there is a way you can color your hair while improving hair health? Sounds like there can’t be any better option for hair dying, right? Well, Henna hair dye has the key to it. If you are looking for the safest hair dye experience, henna natural hair dye with no chemicals is the right choice for a safer, healthier, and better shade for your hair. Making henna hair dye is no rocket science. But choosing the suitable henna powder is quite challenging. Most henna dyes available in the market offer longevity, bright color, and a pleasant fragrance for your hair. But trust me. They all consist of deadly chemicals and preservatives that drain away your hair's health. Is organic henna safe for your hair? An organic henna hair dye is a safer alternative to dyeing your hair. It is the purest form of henna and is 100% safe for skin and hair.

henna for hair dye

Natural henna contains all the organic ingredients, so the component separation is normal after a specific time. Thus, pure organic henna doesn’t have a long shelf life. But, popular companies in the market rule out this fact by adding preservatives to improve the shelf life. The added preservatives or chemicals may expose you to unnecessary risks. An organic henna paste must be placed in the freezer if you are not using it immediately. A frozen henna paste can last up to 3 months for safe application. If you find a henna for hair dye product with a lasting shelf life, you should know that it is made of chemicals. But you can make fresh henna whenever you want using this Henna Powder Kit.

How do you mix henna for the best results?

With the henna powder kit, you will unlock the secret to making the best henna hair dye for your hair. Organic henna requires the addition of an acidic component like lemon juice, apple, or cranberry juice to break down the plan and release the dye. Lime or lemon juice is the most widely added component in the henna paste. You can add essential oils like Tea tree oil or Eucalyptus oil to enhance the longevity of henna or improve your hair health. Discover Mihenna’s essential oils to consider while mixing henna for best results. You will be astonished to look at the use of essential oils other than imparting deeper color.

What is the least damaging way to dye your hair?

Any hair dye that doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft and is free from strong chemicals or bleaches is the perfect and least harmful way to dye your hair. You may not expect a dramatic color change with an organic henna hair dye, but it colors your hair without causing hair breakage or damage. Hope you have realized by now the safest hair dye to use; Organic hair dye it is! Do you wonder where to find the best natural henna hair dye? Mihenna is a click away to take you through the world of opportunities for natural henna hair application.  

You can apply henna either on wet hair or dry hair, whichever is comfortable for you. Ensure your hair is thoroughly washed to remove dirt or mineral build-up from the strands. Also, remove oil or conditioners to keep your hair tidy. If your hair is wet, dry it with a towel to prevent henna from drooling after application.

Henna Hair Dye Application

Step 1

natural henna hair dye

Step 2

henna natural hair dye

Step 3

natural henna hair dye

  • Once you finish applying henna, wrap your hair with a shower cap and leave it aside for about 3 hours.
  • You are strictly advised not to leave the henna on your hair for more than 5 hours as it may dry out your hair strands and result in scalp sensitization.
  • If possible, expose your hennaed hair under the sun or blow dry it to allow deeper penetration of the color
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with cool water and avoid using shampoo for at least 24 hours after henna application.

The Result

henna natural hair dye

Note: If you think that henna imparts darker color if you leave it longer on your hair, you are wrong, My friend! The hair color imparted from henna is unique for each person. The henna hair color reaches full intensity 48-72 hours after application.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can henna turn GREY hair black?

You have the full right to present your hair in multiple shades. But gray hair or premature graying isn’t stylish at all. It signifies poor health, stress, and aging conditions. So, how do you color your gray hair? Henna is the safest and most eco-friendly option to turn your gray hair black or any desired color. In addition to medicinal benefits, henna can be applied to cover your gray hair sections while restoring hair health. If you have only a few gray hair sections, you can use henna hair dye for gray hair to obtain a uniform hair color for your hair.

2) What can I mix with henna to get brown hair?

You can replace water with brewed coffee or tea while making henna to get a brown color on your hair. However, the type of brown shade depends on your hair color and varies for each person.

3) How many times should we apply henna on hair in a month?

Henna color gradually fades out as your hair strands grow or fall off, but the color doesn’t fully wash off. The frequency of henna for hair depends upon factors like the hair color you want, how fast your hair grows, and your hair health. You can apply multiple coatings of henna hair dye for darker tones. You can reapply henna hair dye every two weeks or as needed to maintain the uniform hair color.

4) What happens if you mix henna with hair dye?

You are strictly not advised to mix henna with a chemically treated hair dye. Forget about how your hair looks. Henna and chemical dye react with each other and may lead to disastrous results on your hair's health. We recommend waiting at least one month after your chemical hair treatment before applying henna for safe and better hair color results.

Can’t wait to try the best natural henna powder? Shop henna powder now! We are excited to see your newest shining hair with the natural henna hair dye. Thanks for reading!

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