Best Fun & Fascinating Activity with Henna Tattoo Kit for Kids

Best Fun &  Fascinating Activity with Henna Tattoo Kit for Kids

Children absorb loads of information each day. They must process what they have learned in a safe and supervised environment. And creative art is the best opportunity to do it. When keeping your kids safe, you don’t compromise on anything as parents. You shouldn’t too! For all the parents who want to create a fun and learning environment while ensuring kids’ safety, we have your back. Henna tattoo for kids is the best time to bond with your child by creating art. You can teach them the art while fostering a deeper connection with them. Henna has cultural significance in several parts of India, Africa, Pakistan, and the Middle East for over 5000 years. In recent years, henna has gained global popularity due to its temporary staining property, ease of availability, and safer application. Besides being very popular among adults, henna fever has gradually found its way to kids and teenagers, helping them unleash their creative potential while bonding with their families. In short, Henna is a perfect holiday activity for kids and teens.

What is a Henna Tattoo For Kids?

Henna is an Indian-origin plant famous for its coloring properties when applied to the skin. Unlike others, it is not a permanent tattoo and gradually fades away in 2-4 weeks after application. Except for natural fading, it is almost impossible to remove the henna stains from the skin. Buy our “Kids Henna Tattoo” kit, which includes organic henna paste, coconut oil, a wooden spatula to spread the henna, seven sheets of adhesive for different henna stencil designs, along with a safety instruction manual. It guides you through a safe henna application journey. You can also cut designs from the henna stencils and mix them with others to get customized henna designs. So, the first question that pops up in every parent’s mind is, “Why should parents let their children get henna tattoos?” Apart from creating a perfect family time, henna tattoo for kids is a great engaging activity for kids under the parent’s safe supervision. Henna helps your children grow & thrive in their initial development years. Aren’t you convinced yet? Let’s look at how it benefits the kids.

How Do Henna Tattoos Kits for Kids Benefit Them ?

Helping your child make henna designs freehand or using our stencils can help them in the following ways:

  1. Henna tattoo time helps your child develops neural connections faster.
  2. Improves their fine motor skills and enhances their focus.
  3. Helps them learn how to grip pens, and pencils using their little fingers in the later years.
  4. Art improves their thinking and problem-solving skills.
  5. If anything goes wrong in making the art, use this opportunity to teach them that mistakes are normal.

Is It OK For Kids to Get Tattoos?

It is illegal to get a permanent tattoo for a minor (under the age of 18). But, organic henna is a safer and better alternative for permanent tattoos. It is a temporary tattoo that colors only the upper epidermal layer of skin & doesn’t enter the deeper dermis layers. If you think about the right age to get henna, there is no relevant scientific evidence to apply kids henna. But, you are advised to start using henna as early as three years old for safe results. It is the perfect activity for kids to learn, try, and grow. Henna is safe for kids as long as they are not consumed. While applying henna on your kid’s skin, explain the significance of henna in Indian culture, how it is used in other parts of the world, and other henna benefits. It helps them learn about different cultures and also understand nature. Ensure that you store the henna paste in the freezer for longer shelf life. The readymade henna powders in the market contain harmful chemicals to prolong the shelf life. If you ever come across any company’s henna powder claiming to have a large shelf life, run away immediately. Mihenna’s Henna powder is organic and has a lower shelf life for paste due to natural ingredients. After using the mixed henna paste, you are strictly advised to store it in a freezer for about three months. If our henna powder packet is not opened, you can keep it for a very long time till the expiry date.

Note: Kids are generally sensitive to henna, mainly black henna. Avoid using black henna under any circumstance. Seek immediate medical help if rash or allergies appear on your child's skin. Henna should be strictly avoided for consumption. Parents should make sure that kids play with henna under their supervision.

Mihenna At Your Service

Want to buy a safe and pure organic powder for your cute munchkins? Mihenna is just a click away to surprise you with the most intriguing henna designs. Our henna powder is made of 100% organic ingredients and avoids chemicals that can harm your little one’s skin and hair. If your kid is sensitive to essential oil, perform a spot test on a small area before making an entire tattoo. Hope this article on Henna tattoos for kids helped you along your henna journey. Thanks for reading!

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