Halloween Costumes with Henna Tattoos

Halloween Costumes with Henna Tattoos

At Mihenna, we know that the key to pull off a convincing Halloween costume is in the details. We’ve got the temporary tattoos you need to look exactly like your inked idol. Check out these Halloween costume ideas that pair perfectly with your favorite henna stencils.

Bad Gal Riri

We’re all anxiously awaiting the release of Rihanna’s 9th album. One way to help get through the lull is to channel your inner bad girl for Halloween night. You’ll need more than just a stunning dress and Fenty Beauty makeup. Rihanna has at least 25 tattoos that make up her iconic style. Our henna stencils will help get you on your way to being a best selling music artist look alike.

Aphrodite Henna Hand Tattoo

Create your own version of Rihanna's henna hand tattoo with Mihenna

Rihanna’s back hand tattoo has gone through some changes but finally settled on a traditional henna style. Our Aphrodite henna stencil will give you a similar temporary tattoo to round out your Rihanna Halloween outfit.

Stellar Henna Neck Tattoo

Create your own version of Rihanna's starry neck tattoo with Mihenna

Rihanna has her own mini constellation on the back of her neck. You can achieve this look with our Stellar henna tattoo. A dress with a low-cut back will work best to show off these stars.

Truth Henna Collarbone Tattoo

Create your own version of Rihanna's cross tattoo with Mihenna

Rihanna has a couple different cross tattoos. Our Truth henna tattoo matches best with the dainty one on her collarbone, but you could use it on your forearm as well to represent her second cross tattoo.


Is Harry Potter always going to be popular? We sure hope so (even if we are crushed that Cursed Child isn’t going to be a movie, as was rumored). We’re perpetually celebrating our childhood hero, even into Halloween 2019. Get your wire-rim glasses, your Gryffindor colors, and top off your Harry Potter Halloween outfit with a temporary tattoo.

Dare Henna Harry Potter Tattoo

Create your own version of Harry Potter's lightning scar with Mihenna

Why risk a killing curse when you can just get a henna tattoo to complete your Harry Potter costume? Our Dare henna tattoo includes a lightning bolt to transform you into one of fiction’s most recognizable characters.

Less Money More Kesha

Kesha has been teasing the release of her 4th studio album, following her 2017 album Rainbow about overcoming. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us. Until we get to jam to Kesha’s new music, we’ll have to settle for celebrating her this Halloween by recreating her fashionable wardrobe and dozens of tats. Check out how Mihenna can help you put together this costume in time for October 31st.

Truth Henna Palm Tattoos

Create your own version of Kesha's palm tattoos with Mihenna

You can’t be Kesha for Halloween if you don’t have her palm tattoos. Our Truth henna stencil lets you get both of these designs without the pain or commitment. Don’t forget - the evil eye goes on your right hand to protect you, and the Saturn goes on your left.

Freehand Henna Tattoos

Freehand your own version of Kesha's mini tattoo with Mihenna

Kesha sports a bunch of little stick and poke, mini tattoos. Stick and pokes are so endearing because their imperfections give them personality. You can create your own versions of Kesha’s little hearts, dollar signs, smiley faces, and catch phrases by freehanding your own henna designs. Use our organic henna cone to recreate temporary versions of the stick and pokes.

We’ve got lots more ideas for how henna can help complete your Halloween costume this year. But we’d love to hear your thoughts too! Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, and let us know your Halloween henna plans. We can’t wait to find out!

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