Celebrate Diwali with Henna Tattoos

Celebrate Diwali with Henna Tattoos

Happy Diwali to all our Mihenna goddesses! The best way to celebrate the Indian festival of lights is a henna tattoo party with everyone you hold near and dear. Find out more about Diwali and what henna stencils to choose.

What is Diwali?

Creating a Rangoli for Diwali with Diya lights in the center

Diwali is a popular Hindu festival that is celebrated around the world with as many lights as possible. The lights represent the triumph of good over evil, even in the darkest of times. You'll find strings of lights draped over houses and offices, candles on each side of every entrance, and oil lamps called diyas throughout the interior. Rangolis are also created on the floor using colored sand or flower petals to create intricate designs, including symbols for good luck and prosperity.

Families and close friends come together to trade sweets and gifts. After a giant feast for dinner, people will go to watch fireworks fill the night sky. It's a time for coming together and sharing in the beauty and joy of the light that is all around and within you.

Sharing Henna Tattoos for Diwali

Whether you're an old pro at the festival of lights or this is your first time celebrating, henna stencils from Mihenna will make your Diwali party extra special. The beauty of our henna sticker stencils is that you don't have to be an expert artist to get beautiful and flawless henna tattoos. The stencil does all the work, and you get to show off the finished product. Check out some of our favorite henna designs for Diwali.


Woman with Aphrodite henna tattoo on her shoulder

The Aphrodite henna design is intricate and stunning for anyone who loves to go big with their body art. The bangle wraps around your wrist or ankle or anywhere you like and extends upward with swirls and sparks - just like a Diwali firework! Your hand henna will be as much fun as the night sky!

Chain Game

Man with Chain Game henna tattoo on upper arm

Try something more subtle with our Chain Game henna stencil. With two different bracelets to choose from (or don't choose and go with both!), you'll be sure to find the perfect henna accessory for your Diwali outfit. Stun everyone with your fashion-forward henna tats.


Woman with henna feet using Fawn design

If you're looking to show off a fresh pedicure, go with our Fawn henna tattoo. It's perfectly shaped to match the arch of your foot and display traditional designs from generations of henna artists. If you're attending a Diwali ceremony at a Hindu temple or Sikh gurdwara, fancy feet are a must after you remove your shoes. Fawn will make sure you're stylish barefoot or not.

How to Choose Which Henna Stencil!

Two women using a henna tattoo kit from Mihenna

Can't pick just one henna stencil? Neither can we! That's we have our collection of pre-made and build your own henna tattoo kits full of design options. Plus, you'll get a henna cone with ready-to-use paste, coconut oil for moisturizing, and an instructional booklet to help you out. Everything you need is all in one place for an easy, stress-free henna party this Diwali.

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