Easy Ways to Create Henna Designs for Beginners

Easy Ways to Create Henna Designs for Beginners

Are you tired of expensive henna artists drilling your pockets to create henna for functions? Want to be your henna stylist? Then, this article is for you. Though henna is specifically used in weddings and other occasions, you can create henna art any time of the year. The good news is that you can master the art by practicing for a few minutes daily. Teach yourself henna art and unleash the creativity inside you. Who knows what henna art holds for you? It may become your next big business too! Or, in the worst case, you may end up as a henna celebrity on special occasions. Can’t wait to learn henna art? Read this article for a brief overview of how to create henna designs as a beginner.

1.  Making Of The Henna Paste

Natural henna powder is safe for the skin. Unfortunately, the commercial henna powders offered by even the most reputed companies contain harsh chemicals & additives to induce deeper tones on the skin. These harmful henna powders are detrimental to both the people and the environment. The good news is companies like Mihenna are striving hard to hand over nature’s henna to humanity. We aim to make the world realize that true beauty is inexpensive and safe for everyone. Create your henna paste fresh at home, or buy a premade cone for instant application. The essential oils added while preparing the henna paste will improve the henna properties and promote your skin health. However, you must be cautious while applying henna paste on your skin to prevent it from ending up with unwanted stains.

2. Get Applicator Bottles And A Henna Cone

Applicator henna bottles with multi-sized nose tubes

The premade henna cones are ready to apply without needing henna applicator bottles. This premade henna paste can be a good start for beginners and anyone wanting to practice henna designs on paper. Applicator bottles come with multi-sized plastic tubes to accommodate different thickness lines. As you learn to use applicator bottles, your henna application gets easier.

3. Practice On Paper

If you are a first-timer, start practicing on paper with simple lines and strokes. It helps you get comfortable using a henna cone or an applicator bottle while making henna designs. Once you get a steady hand, you can safely progress toward making henna art on your skin without messing up anything.

4. Experiment

Start with flowers, leaves, and other simple wrist henna designs while learning henna-making. Initially, you can ignore the fine lines inside the designs, and as you gain experience, you can include more complexities on the go. Here is a short guide on the type of designs to improve your henna skills.

  • Geometric Henna Designs
    Geometric Henna Designs

    If you want to start with a simple design for hands, you can start with something like Aria henna design and improve the complexity as you practice further.

  • Mandala Henna Designs
    An image of Mihenna’s Mandala henna design on the hand

    Once you feel confident about creating henna designs, the next level is mandala designs. They are intricate enough to test your henna drawing skills, flow through the art, and your patience. If you master mandala art, everything seems relatively easier to design. You can use this design on the palm, neck, shoulder area, or henna designs on the backhand.

  • Simple Henna Designs For Your Feet

    An image of Mihenna’s waves henna design on the hand

    For the legs or the feet, you can start with simple strokes or waves, as shown above, and use your creativity to add some finishing touch.

  • Courage Henna Designs
    Courage Henna Designs

    Draw courage henna designs that are tougher but doable. Once confident with these patterns, you can create more complex designs freehand. Just the right way to start!

  • Fawn Henna Designs
    Fawn Henna Designs

    Proceed to more challenging Fawn henna designs that involve tiny strokes, dots, delicate curves, and all other complexities. As you complete this design, you will unleash the confident henna artist in you. Learn to embrace the imperfection in yourself. Mistakes can happen sometimes. Use a cotton swab to wipe off the unnecessary lines if you take a wrong turn or curve. Don’t have enough time to learn henna art making? We have your back.

Henna Design Stencils At Your Service

Create any complex design within minutes with our henna design stencils. Use the same stencil for creating multiple henna designs or mix and match different stencils to make unique DIY henna designs. With Mihenna stencils, everything is possible. Buy our henna stencil kit and pick your favorite stencils from our stock to produce stunning patterns.

Henna Powder From Mihenna

Henna Powder From Mihenna

You are the creator of your own reality. You have the potential to create fantastic henna designs by yourself. Buy our USDA-certified organic henna powder and make your henna paste at home. It is entirely free from chemicals and preservatives and thus is safe to use. You can free the paste for up to 3 months when not used. Grab your pick at insanely low prices at Mihenna and start your henna journey. Remember to share your henna designs in the comments below or tag us on social media. Thanks for reading!

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