DIY Henna Holiday Shopping

DIY Henna Holiday Shopping

The holidays are just around the corner, so you’ll need gifts for everyone on the list. Mihenna is here to help! We know you have to buy for all types of people, so we have a variety of different options. You’ll find something for everyone.

DIY Henna Kits

The perfect blend of creative fun and flawless execution, our DIY Henna Kits have everything your gift recipient needs. No “batteries not included” notice to ruin the day.

Our henna tattoo kits include 8 sticker stencils featuring gorgeous henna designs, 1 prepared, organic henna paste cone, 1 vial of coconut oil, and 1 set of instructions to help your henna tattoos come out flawlessly. This winning combination yields professional-level body art for users of any skill level. They’ll have you to thank for a gift that makes them look and feel like a goddess.

Whoever is on your list, we’ve got you covered:

The Bestie Forever

Best friends sharing a henna tattoo kit

There's nothing like the bond you share with your best friend, so of course you need matching temporary tattoos to celebrate your friendship! The BFF Henna Kit doubles your stencils so that everyone knows who the true best friend is. Together or apart, you'll both look stunning and have good memories to cherish every time you see your henna tattoo.

The Bride-To-Be

The happiest time of the year is made even happier when your gift recipient is anticipating her wedding! She’ll fall in love your gift of our Bachelorette DIY Henna Kit on first sight. Our goddess-inspired henna tattoos will make the soon-to-be bride and all her bridesmaids feel beautiful and powerful as they celebrate the upcoming marriage. Get the party started for your engaged bestie.

The Cool Kid

Two kids (with adult supervision) bring out their creative side with the Tween DIY Henna Kit

Whether it’s your niece or nephew, the neighbor kid, or your own children, you can think of someone who would love to share the our Kids Henna Tattoo Kit with all of their friends. With 8 sticker stencils, this kit is the perfect gift to facilitate a sleepover or birthday party featuring a wholesome activity that will set their imaginative minds to work. Inspire the coolest kids you know to create something beautiful together.

The Popular One

Do you know someone who’s always knows what the latest fad is? Then that someone needs our Best Seller DIY Henna Kit. Packed full of the hottest henna designs, this gift will provide your trendy friend with everything they need to keep being fashion forward and looking fierce. Stay on trend with our best selling products.

The Decked Out Duchess

Metal rings and henna design rings go together perfectly when you use the Ring DIY Henna Kit

Rings. Rings. Rings! If she loves fashionable fingerwear as much as we do, she’ll love our Ring DIY Henna Kit and flaunting rings that don’t slip off. All of our jewelry-inspired henna designs are found in this kit for the girl who can’t get enough. Put a ring on it this holiday season.

The Thrill Seeker

Fortune favors the brave, and the brave will feel fortunate to receive our Bold DIY Henna Kit from you this year. Anyone who loves to make a statement and show off their look will adore the sticker stencils we’ve added to the Bold Kit. It’s got everything your gift recipient will need to turn heads with their henna tattoos. Start an adventure for your boldest friend.

The Hard To Buy For

This couple shows off their personalized henna designs from their Build Your Own DIY Henna Kit

Don’t be worried if your list includes someone who doesn’t fit these categories. Mihenna has exactly what you need to keep everyone happy this giving season. Build Your Own DIY Henna Kit lets you customize the sticker stencil selection to meet the exact needs of anyone who’s hard to buy for. Pick out any combination of henna designs to add to the other kit essentials and send it off just in time for the holidays.

Be everyone’s favorite gift giver this year when you shop with Mihenna. Our DIY Henna Kits have a little something for everyone, and everything anyone will need to create stunning henna body art.

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