Celebrate a Mihenna Mother's Day

Mother and Daughter Creating Henna Tattoos Together

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on May 12th, 2019. Planning Mother’s Day activities that are memorable and fun for the whole family can be tough. But look no further! Kids and moms are going to love creating henna tattoos together, and we have everything you need here at Mihenna. Even if your child has four paws and a tail, you deserve to celebrate your status as a pawrent this Mother’s Day with some henna fun!

Mother's Day Activities for Dog Moms

Creating Memories for Mother’s Day

We always want our kids to carry childhood memories throughout their whole life. We want to create new experiences to help broaden their horizons and excite their curious minds. Kids learn and grow through everything they do, especially hands-on activities. Applying body art with henna provides them with all kinds of learning experiences - tactile, hand-eye coordination, focus, and even good ole sharing and caring. It opens up the opportunity to talk about different cultures and rituals, about the history of henna and how it is used today around the world.

More than just the memory of the moment, you and your kids will have weeks’ worth of physical proof of your time together. Henna tattoos can last up to 2 weeks with good care. Avoid water for the first 24 hours and keep moisturized with the coconut oil. This is one Mother’s Day activity that keeps on giving.

Kids Of All Ages


To make henna tattoos more accessible for everyone, we’ve created many different designs as sticker stencils. Whether your child is only old enough to squeeze the henna cone or up to cutting out the stencil themselves, there’s a way for each kiddo (with some assistance) to take part in creating their own henna tattoo. But it’s not just for kids. Mother’s Day activities should be just as fun for mom, and we know you’ll feel fierce and blossoming in our henna designs.

Sticker stencils take the trial and error out of body art. You won’t have to worry about sloppy designs or shaky lines in your temporary tattoos. Adhering the stencil to your skin makes sure that it won’t slip around as you apply henna paste. The henna stain will only come through the pre-cut design to create fabulous looking body art. Kids and kids at heart will get gorgeous designs every time.

Mommy & Me Henna Body Art Kit

Happy Mother's Day to Our Mihenna Moms

You won’t have to run around for any last minute items on your special day. We have bundled together everything that you need all in one place especially for your Mother’s Day activity with your kids. The Mommy & Me Kit (now known as The BFF Kit) is the perfect way to have matching tats with your little one. This kit comes with doubles of most stencils so you’ll be two of a kind on Mother’s Day. What better way to show off your little mini me?

If you’re looking for more variety in a kit, try our Best Sellers Kit or even Build Your Own Henna Body Art Kit. You’ll be able mix and match all the stencils you love along with our organic henna paste and moisturizing coconut oil. Our instructional booklet is also included to walk you through step-by-step to achieving perfect henna tattoos. Just one kit for everything you need to celebrate motherhood, give your kids a new and memorable experience, and of course, look absolutely flawless with your henna designs! Happy Mother’s Day to all you goddesses!

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