Fawn Henna Stencil


The Fawn Stencil henna design for your feet displays an intricate and whimsical landscape along the inside of your foot. Walk along your path with confidence, knowing you are an integral part of nature's beauty. We look at forest with wonderment and awe. In the same way, view yourself with admiration and appreciation. Everything that is within you contributes to your majesty.

Mihenna makes henna designs for your feet a breeze to to apply. When you receive the Fawn Stencil, cut it to size and adhere the sticker stencil to the inside of your foot, along your arch. Toe rings are also included to complete the look. Coat the area in henna paste and allow it to dry between two and twelve hours. After removing the sticker stencil, proper aftercare can maintain the henna tattoo for up to two weeks. Continue on your journey knowing that step by step, the Fawn design will be with you.

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