5 Uses for Essential Oils

5 Uses for Essential Oils

Essential oils are liquid extracts from various plants, flowers, and herbs that you can use to enhance your life. These oils are much stronger than the original plant they come from because they are distilled and concentrated to ensure powerful effects on your mood, health, and much more! If you’re wondering how essential oils can change your life, Mihenna is here with some ideas to get you started. Check out this list of five uses for essential oils, as well as a couple of recommendations for a few oils that might become your faves.

1. In Your Hair

Woman applies henna paste as a natural hair dye

We all want the healthiest, fullest, strongest hair, but besides what our conditioner and shampoo bottles tell us, how can we guarantee better results? With essential oils, of course! Essential oils, like lavender and rosemary, are well known for their positive benefits for your hair. Simply put a few drops into a conditioner, shampoo, or mousse that you already use to help bolster their effects and achieve the hair and the look you deserve!

Here are a few tips to help you decide which is the best essential oil for you:

  • Lavender: For faster hair growth and overall scalp health
  • Peppermint: To increase circulation and stimulate follicle growth and strength
  • Rosemary: For fuller, faster hair growth
  • Cedarwood: To combat hair loss and improve scalp health

Hot tip: If you’re using henna to darken your hair, some essential oils, like tea tree and eucalyptus can make the color a little darker! And we happen to know just where you can find a custom blend of organic oils for henna hair dye :)

2. For Your Skin Care

While some essential oils are known for helping your hair, others are all about ensuring gorgeous, glowing skin. While you can take supplements internally to help your skin thrive, you can also use essential oils topically for even better results. When you dilute essential oils in your existing skincare products or with other carrier oils, you can enjoy their benefits without the harsh effects of these powerful products.

Wondering which essential oils to use and how to use them? Here are a few ideas:

  • Tea tree oil for acne: Mix a few drops into your spot treatment
  • Marula oil for moisturization: Find products with marula oil as an ingredient
  • Lemongrass for anti-aging: Add a few drops to your face steamer
  • Rosehip oil for retinoids: Use a few drops in a neutral moisturizer

3. In a Diffuser to Lift Your Mood

Smiling woman with mandala henna tattoos on the backs of her hands

You don’t always have to apply essential oils topically to reap the rewards – you can also use a diffuser to enjoy an aromatherapy treatment right in your own home! You simply put a few drops of oil into water and fill your diffuser. Each oil can have different effects on your mood and even health, including:

  • Lavender for stress relief
  • Citrus for mood lifting
  • Jasmine as an aphrodisiac
  • Ylang Ylang for insomnia
  • Eucalyptus to clear your nose
  • Chamomile for headaches

4. Spot Treatments for Tension & Stress

You’ve already got essential oils for your hair and skin. Is there anything else they could be good for? Well, if you’re someone that struggles with tension, stress, insomnia, or even headaches from hangovers, we have good news! You can use essential oils as a spot treatment for whenever you need a little relief. Just mix a couple of drops of lavender and chamomile oil into a jar of unscented lotion. Then, whenever your stress levels are rising or you feel a headache coming on, rub a little of the lotion onto your temples and let the oils work their magic!

5. To Make Your Henna Last Longer

Peeling off an adhesive stencil to reveal a mandala henna tattoo

While essential oils are incredibly therapeutic, they have other benefits, too! At Mihenna, we love using essential oils on our henna to make it last longer. Our team has done a ton of research on which oils are best for enhancing your henna to make it darker and ensuring it lasts for days and weeks more! We found that eucalyptus and tea tree are the best choices.

Next time you’re shopping for a new henna tattoo, add one of our essential oils to your cart to use with your henna application. Then, watch as your tattoo grows darker and darker! Shop eucalyptus, tea tree, and a custom blend of the two in a variety of sizes and enjoy USDA-certified organic products that have amazing results!

Final Thoughts on Essential Oils

Pure essential oils can cause irritation for people with sensitive skin and may be toxic to pets. We always recommend diluting your essential oils with water or other carrier oils and testing a small area on your skin to ensure it won’t trigger a reaction, like rashes or asthma attacks. Never ingest your essential oils and keep them away from sensitive areas, including your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you’re shopping around for essential oils, look for USDA-certified organic products to ensure you’re getting pure, top-quality ingredients.

Essential Oils at Mihenna

At Mihenna, we sell essential oils specifically for use with henna. When you receive your products, please follow all the guides and instructions for best results! These essential oils can be used with our adhesive stencils and henna cones for unique designs, freckles, and more.

Shop all our products today to create the perfect henna experience!

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