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  • Organic Eucalyptus Oil - USDA Certified

Essential Oil - Eucalyptus

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USDA-Certified Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The stimulating scent of eucalyptus is one of the ingredients we mix with our henna powder to create our rich color and long-lasting henna tattoos. Use this essential oil to create your own henna paste or other uses around your home.

In a diffuser, the strong scent of eucalyptus will help to relieve congestion as well as awaken your mind and encourage focus. Soothe sore and aching muscles by adding the essential oil straight to your bathwater or using it as a massage oil.

Please Note:

Eucalyptus oil is toxic to animals. Do not apply to their skin, diffuse in the same room as your pet, or allow them to consume. If your pet interacts with tea tree oil, contact your vet.

Some people may be allergic to certain essential oils. Test in a small patch before fully applying to your skin.

Use caution when consuming essential oils. Too much can cause nausea, pain, and other potential issues.