The Ultimate Guide to Jagua Gel Tattoos

The Ultimate Guide to Jagua Gel Tattoos

When we talk of temporary tattoos, the thought of henna almost always pops up in our minds. And why not? Henna has earned immense popularity worldwide for its natural staining and therapeutic properties. With its reddish-brown stains, henna has become vital on every occasion or special event.

But wait. What if we told you there is another way to create realistic tattoos without long-term commitments? Excited? Well, we have another hero, and it’s called Jagua.

Just like henna, Jagua is a safer alternative to permanent tattoos & it’s revolutionizing the tattoo industry. In this guide, we equip you with all the knowledge you need about Jagua gel tattoos, their benefits, application procedure, and much more.

Understanding Jagua Gel

Jagua has grabbed the spotlight in recent years. But the roots of its origin are traced back centuries to the tribal regions of South America. Jagua comes from the fruit of the Genipa Americana tree.

The fruit is dried and crushed into a powder, mixed with water and a gel agent to create Jagua gel. This natural gel is safe for human use. What sets Jagua tattoo ink apart from other temporary tattoo options is its ability to produce realistic tattoos that closely resemble permanent ones with blue-black stains.

As a result, you can achieve results similar to permanent tattoos without the pain and commitment!

Jagua Gel Application Process

Applying Jagua ink is remarkably easy and time-saving. Simply attach an applicator tip and follow this step-by-step procedure for a straightforward, effective, and mess-free Jagua application:

  1. Transfer the Jagua gel into the applicator bottle using the tip of your desired thickness.
  2. People with prior experience can create freehand designs using Jagua gel. Beginners can use stencils to quickly create intricate patterns without much hassle.
  3. When using stencils, ensure proper filling of spaces with Jagua fruit ink for optimal tattoo results.
  4. Leave the applied gel unattended for at least 2 hours before washing it off under running water.
  5. Initially, the tattoos may appear faint. It takes 24-48 hours to develop into the darkest stains.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Taking care of your Jagua gel tattoo is crucial for its longevity. Follow these tips for the best results:

  1. Follow the instructions provided by Mihenna for optimal Jagua tattoo results.
  2. Keep your skin moisturized with natural moisturizers like coconut oil.
  3. Avoid exposing the tattoos to strong chemicals that may accelerate fading.
  4. Refrain from wearing tight clothing or engaging in heavy-duty activities to preserve stains.
  5. Consume adequate water to improve skin elasticity and stain quality.

Benefits of Jagua Gel Tattoos

Explore some of the noteworthy benefits of Jagua gel:

  • Jagua ink tattoos offer a temporary yet remarkably realistic alternative to permanent ink. Experience the freedom of sporting a new tattoo every month without commitment or regret.
  • The Jagua gel doesn't contain any harmful chemicals and is safe for most skin types. Thus, Jagua tattoos amplify your appearance and well-being.
  • Beyond their realistic appearance, Jagua tattoos come with an added benefit – they are a cost-effective option compared to permanent ink!
  • Applying Genipa Americana ink is a breeze, and the removal process is even simpler.

Embrace the convenience of expressing yourself with Jagua tattoos, knowing you can effortlessly change your design whenever inspiration strikes.

Tips for a Successful Jagua Gel Tattoo Party

Planning a Jagua gel tattoo party for your friends? Here are some tips to ensure it becomes a memorable experience:

  1. Make sure to buy Jagua tattoo kits in larger numbers to avoid running out of ink, especially if many people attend the party. Creating Jagua tattoos is so much easier with a Jagua tattoo kit.
  2. Explore social media, online communities, and YouTube for design inspiration. It provides diverse options for your guests to choose from.
  3. Have a variety of stencils on hand for quick mixing and matching, allowing the creation of unique and personalized designs.
  4. Set up a comfortable space with ample seating, creating a relaxed environment for guests to enjoy the Jagua temporary tattoo ink application process.
  5. Thoroughly review the instructions to minimize the chances of any mishaps.
  6. Consider booking professional artists who can assist your guests in achieving the specific tattoos they desire.
  7. Keep the atmosphere lively with social interactions, music, fun games, and delicious food. Entertainment enhances the overall enjoyment of the tattoo party.
  8. Provide clear aftercare instructions, and if possible, offer printed copies to ensure everyone has guidance for achieving the best tattoo results.
  9. Don't forget to document the party's candid moments with a camera. Cherishing these memories adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience.

With these tips, your Jagua gel tattoo party will surely be a hit, creating lasting memories for everyone involved!

Jagua Tattoo Designs For Inspiration

Feeling short of ideas? Don’t sweat it. Here are just a few of our best Jagua tattoo designs to get you started:

1. Pearl Design

A woman’s left hand is adorned with a pearl jagua design and complimented by white nail polish.

2. Haley Jagua Tattoo

An image showcasing the Haley tattoo design on the right-hand palm.

3. Mix & Match Wonders

Holding hands adorning the combination of starry eyes & Sabrina designs.

For more designs, explore the comprehensive collection of Mihenna stencils & create eye-catching tattoos seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Jagua Tattoos

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on Jagua gel tattoo.

  • 1. Are Jagua Tattoos Safe?

    Jagua is a natural fruit extract and is generally safe for the skin. Nonetheless, individuals with tropical fruit allergies should exercise caution, as Jagua can potentially cause allergic reactions. We advise you to conduct a small patch test using a small amount of Jagua before applying it entirely to ensure compatibility with your skin.

  • 2. Is Black Henna Safe?

    Do not mistake black henna for traditional henna. Black henna may seem harmless, but appearances can be deceiving. It contains a chemical called PPD (paraphenylenediamine) that produces black stains. However, black henna can have detrimental effects on the skin, such as permanent scarring. Made from all-natural ingredients, Jagua gel is one of the most effective and safest alternatives to permanent tattoos!

  • 3. How Long Should You Leave The Jagua Gel On?

    It is recommended to keep the Jagua gel on for 2-3 hours. Leaving Jagua on for an extended period can result in smudging, potentially compromising the appearance of the tattoos. Adhering to the suggested time frame ensures optimal results and prevents unintended effects on the tattoo's quality.

  • 4. How Long Does Jagua Gel Last?

    The Jagua tattoos last between 1 to 2 weeks with diligent care. The longevity of the tattoos depends upon individual skin type, the location of the tattoo, aftercare routines, etc.

  • 5. How Do You Remove Jagua Gel?

    Dried Jagua gel is thicker than henna. The most effective way to remove Jagua ink is to place it under running water, allowing it to wash away easily.

  • 6. Does Jagua Tattoo Look Real?

    Absolutely! Jagua ink has become widely recognized for producing blue-black tattoos that appear as authentic as permanent tattoos. So, the next time you contemplate a tattoo, consider opting for Jagua gel. It provides a safe, realistic, and temporary tattoo option, allowing you to enjoy a fresh design every month.


From introducing Jagua & its importance to organizing a Jagua ink tattoo party, we have explored the world of Jagua for creating realistic temporary tattoos. With its natural blue-black stains, Jagua gel emerges as a safer alternative to the harmful black henna available.

We are sure that this is the last guide you need for creating elegant & striking tattoos using Jagua.

And if you are considering where to buy Jagua, stop by the Mihenna store for an organic Jagua collection.

Happy tattooing!

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