Quick Change Artists: Temporary Henna and Jagua Designs for Fashionistas

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Fashion: New trends emerge, old ones return, and the cycle never ends. The same goes for body art, as new tattoo trends are always emerging. You know the feeling of wanting to try body art when you see someone flaunting their tattoos down the street, right? But permanent tattoos scare many, whether it's due to the pain or the lifetime commitment.

So, here are we, calling all fashion mavens with a penchant for impermanent self-expression! Have you been wanting to dabble in the world of body art, but commitment phobia is holding you back? Well, fret no more because temporary henna and jagua designs are having a major moment.

From intricate florals to bold geometric patterns, these quick-change artistry options let you transform your look in a flash. So, ditch the reservations and get ready to embrace the hottest trend in town.

In this blog, we delve into temporary Henna and Jagua designs, inspiring you to explore their versatility and incorporate them into your style.

Exploring the Versatility of Temporary Henna and Jagua Designs

Jagua and henna are natural alternatives to permanent tattoos. You can use any of these to create temporary body art that lasts for weeks.

While Jagua and henna have a rich history and a unique aesthetic, they differ significantly in their origins, cultural applications, and appearance.

The color of henna is more on the reddish-brown spectrum. It is a popular choice for traditional festivities across many cultures. On the other hand, Jagua resembles a permanent tattoo due to its dark color.

Choosing between these two is a matter of personal preference. We suggest you try both for custom temporary tattoos to see what best suits your fashion preferences.


  • Henna is prepared from the dried leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis plant.
  • It creates a reddish-brown to-orange stain.
  • A temporary tattoo made with organic henna might last for 1-2 weeks. It also depends on aftercare.


  • The Jagua gel and powder are made from the fruit of the Genipa Americana tree.
  • Jagua designs create a deep blue-to-black stain.
  • It easily lasts for 1-3 weeks, depending on good aftercare.

Both henna and Jagua are generally safe for most people. However, we always recommend doing a small patch test on your skin to check for any potential allergies.

The Beauty of Choice: Customizable, Temporary Henna & Jagua Art

You can use Jagua and henna stencils to create various designs, from simple and sleek to elaborate and detailed. With experience, you can create freehand designs of your choice as well.

The Jagua gel and henna paste are particularly popular due to the following reasons:

Design Variations

You can virtually make countless temporary henna and Jagua tattoo designs. Your imagination is the only limit! For instance, Mihenna's stencils come in many patterns and styles, ranging from detailed floral motifs to geometric shapes and tribal patterns. So, whatever your fashion choices are, there's a tattoo design waiting for you.

Moreover, artists can customize designs to suit individual preferences or cultural importance.

The versatility of such custom temporary tattoo designs makes them suitable for any occasion or mood.

Temporary in Nature

One of the most appealing aspects of Jagua and henna tattoos is that they are temporary in nature. Designs made with Jagua gel or henna paste fade after some time. Organic ingredients ensure there are no reactions or pain.

Most importantly, you fashionistas can keep trying new designs every time your tattoo fades. Use pre-made stencils or design your own temporary tattoo. The possibilities are endless!

Easy Application on the Whole Body

You can create henna and Jagua designs that look amazing for almost every body part, including hands, feet, arms, legs, and even the face.

Still, some designs are specifically meant for special occasions, such as bridal henna designs that adorn the bride's hands and feet.

Inspiration for Fashionable Temporary Designs

The beauty of henna and Jagua lies in their adaptability for fashion lovers. You can create designs ranging from the delicate and minimalist to the bold and elaborate.

Here are some trending inspirations for fashionistas who want to try custom removable tattoos:

1. Rock the Party With Fashionable Henna Designs

Henna Tattoo Kit With Stencil

Celebrate your best friend's upcoming marriage or a birthday party with a night of pampering, bonding, and henna tattoos. The henna party kit from Mihenna has everything you need for a perfect bachelorette party. No prep work, little clean-up, and lasting memories.

2. Chain Game Stencil

Chain game geometric bangle henna design on arm

This geometric bangle design is perfect for the ladies who prefer subtle yet stylish small temporary tattoos. It pairs perfectly with other stencils for a bolder look and adds a touch of elegance.

Use Jagua gel or henna paste to wear it on your wrist, ankle, or arm. The minimalist design complements your unique fashion sense. Take our word for it: Chain Game is the finishing touch you've been looking for!

3. Blossom Henna Stencil

Women with mandala henna tattoo on the back of the hand

Want beautiful henna flowers on your body? Mihenna's Blossom Stencil is the best option for you. This easy-to-use sticker stencil features a gorgeous mandala floral design.

Apply the stencil, fill it with henna paste, dry it, and peel it away for a flawless, long-lasting henna tattoo.

4. Stellar Stencil

Stellar Star henna tattoo on the back of a woman's hand

Want that celestial splendor on your skin? Look no further than this Stellar stencil! Subtle yet timeless, the design lets you adorn your body with constellations and shooting stars.

Just stick the stencil on, apply the henna paste or jagua gel, and unveil your shimmering night sky tattoo once dry. Mihenna's Stellar Stencil is your shortcut to starry style.

How Can We Forget Our All-Natural Jagua Powder That Makes All the Fashionable Temporary Tattooing Easy?

Jagua Powder

Black box of a Jagua Powder

Mihenna's organic Jagua powder is a natural and safe alternative to permanent tattoos. The powder is made from 100% pure dehydrated Genipa Americana fruit. It is all-natural and free of chemicals and dyes.

We source the Jagua powder ethically and sustainably. So, fellow fashionistas, you can use it to create realistic temporary tattoos, slay at the next party, captivate your onlookers at social gatherings, stand out at cultural ceremonies, and even make your DIY projects.

Jagua Tattoo Kit

Give wings to your creativity with Mihenna's Jagua tattoo kit. This package includes everything you need to create stunningly custom temporary tattoo designs lasting up to two to three weeks.

You get an instruction card, 60ml of USDA-certified Jagua gel, an applicator bottle and four tips, three wood spatulas, and four sticker stencils.

What else do you need? Just get your hands on a Jagua tattoo kit and let your fashionable tattoos do the talking!

Tips for Application and Maintenance

Temporary henna and Jagua designs can enhance your outfit and add an exceptional touch to your personality.

Still, some best practices help you get the best results from your jagua or henna designs. Here are some useful tips for proper application and maintenance of your temporary tattoos:

1. Preparation is Key: Exfoliate the area you want to decorate. This removes dead skin cells, allowing the jagua gel or henna paste to adhere better.

2.Choose Your Material: You can use pre-made cones for ease of application or prepare fresh henna paste with henna powder. Similarly, you can choose from Jagua gel or powder, depending on your preferences.

3. Practice Makes Perfect: Before adorning your body, try your design on paper to get the hang of it.

4. Patience is a Virtue: Let the design dry entirely before flexing the area. The longer you leave the paste or gel on, the darker the stain will be.

5. Hydration is Vital: After removing the paste, use olive or coconut oil to keep the design hydrated and extend its life. Avoid harsh soaps and excessive rubbing in the decorated part of your body.

Easy Removal Options: When it's Time to Say Goodbye

Temporary Henna and Jagua designs fade naturally over time, lasting 1-2 weeks. If you're eager to remove the design sooner, there are a few gentle options:

1. Exfoliation: Gently exfoliate the area with a sugar scrub or washcloth. Be patient and avoid harsh scrubbing that might irritate your skin.

2. Oiling: Apply a natural oil like olive or coconut oil and let it sit for a few minutes. Gently wipe away the oil and the design.

3. Lemon Power: Mix lemon juice with water and create a paste. Apply it to the design and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. Lemon juice can dry your skin, so follow up with a moisturizer.

Incorporating Temporary Designs into Fashion Ensembles

Temporary Henna and Jagua designs can enhance your attire. Here are some creative ways to incorporate them into your ensembles:

  • Match Your Design to Your Outfit: Choose henna or Jagua patterns that complement your clothing. For instance, for a bohemian-inspired outfit, consider intricate floral designs. For a sleek, minimalist look, opt for clean geometric lines.
  • Accessorize with Confidence: You can let your henna or Jagua design be the statement piece, keeping other accessories minimal. Or, if you are keeping things simple with a non-flashy dress, choose accessories that go well with your temporary tattoos.

It's A Wrap

Henna and Jagua are both natural products used for temporary body art. Both work by staining the top layer of skin, and they fade away as the skin naturally exfoliates. So, for the fashionistas always willing to experiment with tattoos, these organic alternatives to permanent ink are a breath of fresh air.

If you are looking for all-natural and vegan henna and Jagua online, you are already at the right place. Mihenna is a pioneer in selling USDA-certified jagua and henna products across the country.

Moreover, we have tons of beginner-friendly stencil designs, so you can get that perfect tattoo without a hitch.

What's stopping you? Explore our collection now!

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