DIY Festival-Ready Henna and Jagua Tattoo Kits: Everything You Need to Know

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Looking to steal the spotlight at festive gatherings? Consider trying something unique with temporary tattoos. While body art has been around for centuries, temporary tattoos are becoming highly popular, thanks to the growing emphasis on sustainability.

Among various options in the market, henna and Jagua tattoos shine as promising alternatives to potentially harmful commercial tattoos.

Today, you can easily get your hands on a henna tattoo kit or Jagua kit and create realistic body art without the pain!

With such kits, DIY tattooing becomes enjoyable and accessible for everyone, as they include all the essentials needed for creating your own temporary tattoos. Never empty your pockets again on professional tattoo artists for every festive occasion. It's time for DIYing!

In this article, we explore the role of our DIY henna kit and Jagua kits in creating festive tattoos anytime.

Understanding Henna and Jagua Tattoos

If you've ever tried temporary tattoos, you've probably used ones made with henna or Jagua. These materials offer a safer and more natural alternative to chemical tattoos, with beautiful designs that fade over time.

As a result, Jagua and henna have soared in popularity all over the world. Before we proceed to the application techniques, let’s take a moment to learn and appreciate the history of henna and Jagua body art.


Henna has a rich history dating back thousands of years. The dye is obtained from the Lawsonia Inermis plant native to regions of the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

Henna was initially used for medicinal purposes. Henna's ability to stain skin with a beautiful reddish-brown color later led to its popularity in body art.

Jagua has been a part of body art traditions for centuries among indigenous cultures in South America. This color of natural dye is obtained from the dried fruits of the Genipa Americana trees.

Jagua produces dark-colored tattoos that resemble permanent tattoos. It is a safe substitute for black henna, which may contain carcinogenic chemicals.

Application and Safety

The application methods and aftercare routines for both henna and Jagua temporary tattoo products are similar. Even better, both henna and Jagua are generally safe for most people because they're made from natural ingredients.

Still, individuals allergic to tropical fruits could have a reaction to Jagua powder or gel. To reduce risks, we recommend a patch test by applying a small amount of henna or Jagua to the skin before the whole design.

Today, DIY tattooing is one of the most trending topics in the tattoo industry. Do-it-yourself tattoo kits with mix-and-match stencils present endless design possibilities for users. Unlike professional henna art services, they can experiment with different designs at no cost.

Benefits of DIY Tattoo Kits

If you're new to DIY tattoo art, here are some reasons to give it a try:

1. Selecting temporary tattoos helps lower the health risks of permanent tattooing. DIY tattoo kits are safe to use, especially at home. Moreover, there are numerous designs to choose from.

2. Professional tattoo services often come with a hefty price tag, especially in festive occasions like weddings. DIY tattoo kits provide an affordable solution, making intricate body art accessible to those on a budget.

3. DIY Jagua and henna tattoo kits enable people to experiment with various designs from the comfort of their homes. These kits come with a collection of stencils, providing limitless opportunities for creativity, imagination, and customization.

4. With just one DIY henna kit, you can effortlessly craft intricate patterns within minutes, eliminating the need for expensive appointments and scheduling constraints.

5. DIY tattoo kits are great for beginners. You can use these to learn tattooing techniques, prepare henna paste or Jagua gel, and experiment with different designs.

6. For those who hone their skills through a DIY henna tattoo kit for beginners, there's potential to turn it into a profession and forge a career in the industry!

7. DIY henna and Jagua tattoo kits let users create personal art from their homes. Thus, if you want tattoos on hidden areas, you can make them yourself without revealing them to tattoo artists or outsiders.

Components of a DIY Festival-Ready Tattoo Kit

Now, it’s time to unveil the components of the DIY tattoo kits. Here is an insider view of Mihenna’s DIY henna tattoo kit and the Jagua temporary tattoo kit:

Jagua Tattoo Kit

A pack of Jagua tattoo kit containing a Jagua gel bottle, an applicator bottle, four stencils, and other essentials.

Mihenna’s bestselling Jagua tattoo kit has everything you need to create realistic temporary tattoos. It includes:

1. 60 ml of Jagua gel: For producing dark, realistic tattoos.

2. An applicator bottle with four varying tips: To enable an effective flow of Jagua gel onto the skin. The tips enable users to create different thickness lines.

3. A pack of stencils: Stick, fill & remove. Intricate designs are now easier to create with stencils.

4. Wooden spatulas: These will assist you in spreading the paste uniformly.

5. Instruction card: To guide you through the safe application process.

Henna Kit

Mihenna’s highly popular henna tattoo kit contains:

1. USDA-certified organic henna cone (30 gm): Fresh henna cone for producing reddish-brown natural tattoos.

2. Coconut oil vial: To moisturize your tattoos & preserve their stain quality for longer periods.

3. A pack of stencils: This lets you create even the most complicated patterns within seconds.

4. An instruction card: Step-by-step instructions for a safe and enjoyable tattoo experience.

Each of our henna tattoo kits for beginners and Jagua kits is made to make tattooing fun and easy, even if you've never done it before. You receive high-quality organic tattoo products and tools for the best tattoo results.

With DIY henna and Jagua temporary tattoo kits, you can express yourself through stunning temporary tattoos. Whether you want to add flair to your festive attire or make a bold statement at a party, our kits have you covered.

So why wait? Grab our henna tattoo kit or Jagua kits today and steal the spotlight at your next festive gathering!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Festival-Ready Tattoos

Both the henna kit and the Jagua tattoo kits follow a similar application procedure.

1. Choose Your Kit: If you opt for a henna tattoo kit, you can either select the tattoo kit with a pre-made henna cone for instant application or our henna powder kit for a DIY paste. On the flip side, the Jagua tattoo kit comes with ready-to-use Jagua gel, which can be transferred into the applicator bottle for easy application.

2. Prepare Your Skin: Clean your skin by removing dirt, oil, moisturizer, or product buildup. Clean skin allows the tattoo paste to penetrate better.

3. Utilize our Mihenna stencils to create diverse designs effortlessly in less time.

4. Application: Apply the henna or Jagua paste onto the skin, following your chosen stencil design. Leave the henna paste on for 2-8 hours, while the Jagua gel should be left for approximately 2-4 hours for optimal results.

5. Drying and Removal: Once the paste is dry, henna crumbles will naturally fall off. The remaining henna paste can be gently removed using coconut oil and tissues. It's recommended not to wash with water to preserve the stain color.On the other hand, dried Jagua gel is thicker and can be rinsed off under running water.

6. Aftercare Routine: Apply coconut oil to the tattooed areas to lock in moisture and protect the stains from the sun's UV rays and dirt. Avoid friction and heavy-duty activities such as scrubbing or dishwashing to maintain tattoo longevity.


The tattoos may initially appear faint. They transform into their brightest colors in the next 24-48 hours.

Tips To Create Safe and Captivating Festival Tattoos

Preserving the quality of your tattoos is crucial to maintain their vibrancy and ensure safety. Here are some tips to help you create stunning festival tattoos:

1. Store Jagua gel or henna paste in the freezer and vacuum-sealed when not in use. This extends their shelf life up to three months.

2. Understand that the end result of the tattoo may vary from person to person. Factors such as individual skin type, tattoo quality, and environmental conditions can affect the intensity of the color. Embrace the natural fading process, as tattoos may last 1-2 weeks, depending on location and the activities you perform.

3. Our henna and Jagua temporary tattoo products are not tested on animals. Keep them out of reach of pets and infants for safety. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any allergic reactions.

4. After each use, wash the applicator bottle with warm water to prevent clogging of the tip and ensure easy flow of the gel.

5. When applying Jagua gel, correct any mistakes or smudges quickly, as Jagua has the potency to rapidly color the skin. Being alert prevents regrettable errors later on.

6. After application, carefully remove the stencil to avoid tearing. This way, you can use the same stencil multiple times for diverse festive occasions, saving the hassle of buying a new stencil each time.

And don’t forget to wear the perfect festive outfit and accessories to compliment your festival tattoos this festive season to level up your look.

Follow the tips to create alluring, safe, and lasting festive tattoos. Enjoy the tattoo-making process and embrace the beauty of temporary body art at every stage of the natural fading process!


Henna and Jagua tattoos have remained cherished traditions passed down through generations. With increasing awareness around sustainable living, these natural products have regained widespread attention as safer alternatives to permanent tattoos.

Mihenna’s Jagua and henna tattoo kit offers an all-natural way to adorn yourself with body art. And these tattoos are perfect for any festive occasion and attire!

The application techniques and aftercare routines for both henna and Jagua are alike. These produce mesmerizing tattoos in distinctive hues ranging from reddish-brown to dark blue-black, respectively.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced tattoo enthusiast, Mihenna has over 13 tattoo kits that offer something for everyone.

So, browse Mihenna’s extensive tattoo kit collection today.

Happy tattooing!

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