Make This Halloween Special with Henna Tattoos

Make This Halloween Special with Henna Tattoos

Halloween is a special day Americans celebrate on October 31 every year to remember and honor the dead. Halloween day is believed to blur the boundary between the living and the dead, thus inviting spirits into the earth. The festival is commonly celebrated with special Halloween costumes, Halloween temporary tattoos, haunted house decorations, & other creepy festive activities.

People get temporary tattoos for multiple reasons, from expressing themselves to celebrating important events; tattoos have become a celebration of individuality. This article explores the cute Halloween tattoos you can try and how to get them using organic henna paste.

Create chilling Halloween fake tattoos naturally with organic henna paste, making your day unforgettable. Since Halloween celebrations include tattooing around the eyes and face, commercial tattoos may contain harmful chemicals that can pose severe allergies for sensitive areas around the eyes and lips. Organic henna is a safer alternative to commercial tattoos.

Halloween Designs For Inspiration

Let us look at some of the spooky Halloween henna tattoo designs you must try this year:

1. Starry eyes

starry eyes design on hands

Starry eyes are perfect for Halloween themes like witchcraft, supernatural entities, and horror. To make your Halloween look more creepy, customize these starry eyes with other tattoos and pair them with a zombie and monster look. On top of the above, they are believed to guard you from evil. Draw this design in seconds using the starry eyes stencil.

2. Yin design

yin henna design

The Halloween tattoo designs in Yin stencil are suitable for any kind of occasion. From creepy Halloween to casual outings, they serve every purpose with minimalist designs. Couple them with Yang designs for a balanced look.

3. Yang Tattoo

yang tattoo

The Yang stencil consists of uncommon designs like chainlink, spiky hearts, mini flames, and more. Be comfortable to get these tattoos anywhere you want. Spend as low as $1.99 and pair up with a perfect costume to create a haunting look.

4. Truth

truth henna tattoo

Make your Halloween day more spiritual & powerful with this hoy Christ plus tattoo. You can keep the tattoo simple or increase complexity by adding Halloween-themed tattoos like cobwebs, thorns, pumpkins, etc. Use Truth henna stencil to make the tattoo quickly.

5. Stellar Tattoo

stellar tattoo

Stars are the best elements to tattoo for Halloween. They are connected to magic and astrology and represent the endless possibilities of the universe. Get the stars from the sky using the stellar stencil. The stars can be tattooed in various sizes and styles, making them flexible to create a personalized Halloween henna tattoo. The stellar stencil tattoos are visually striking and elevate your Halloween look.

6. Sabrina

sabrina tattoo

Sabrina Tattoo is the most loved design for spiritual, modern, and Halloween tattoo seekers. Get this tattoo on either of your arms and add a sense of mystery and danger to your Halloween costume. Sabrina design can be perfectly associated with Halloween themes like witchcraft, supernatural creatures, etc.

It’s awesome if you can create freehand Halloween henna tattoos. Get a premium quality henna cone and coconut oil for aftercare and start making chilling Halloween tattoos. If you are not a great artist, don’t worry. Mihenna got you covered. Buy a henna tattoo kit to receive all the henna essentials for quick tattoos. The stencils help you make tattoos instantly.

How To Use Henna Kit To Create Simple Halloween Tattoos

You get a henna cone with an organic henna paste, coconut oil for aftercare, an instructions booklet to guide you through the process, and a couple of stencils in the henna tattoo kit. You can either choose your own stencils or let our team make the decision. Follow these steps to create your favorite Halloween henna tattoo with stencils:

  • Choose your favorite design stencil & cut the design out. You can use a single design or mix & match multiple stencils to create your unique design.
  • Clean the area of the tattoo to be applied and dry it completely.
  • Peel off the adhesive from the stencil and start sticking it from one end.
  • Spread the organic henna paste evenly on the stencils such that all the gaps are properly filled with henna paste.
  • Leave it to air dry for at least two hours. Once the paste has dried enough, the large henna crumbles fall off on their own.
  • You can remove the residual henna using tissues and coconut oil.
  • Avoid washing with water and moisturize with coconut oil to protect the stains.
  • The henna stains continue to darken for about 72 hours. Be ready to witness the amazing reddish-brown henna tattoos in their best forms.

If you have spooky design ideas you want to create this Halloween, you can try freehand small Halloween tattoos and become your personal henna artist.


The Mihenna’s henna powder is directly extracted from plants. It is free from chemicals & any other additives. Thus, it is generally safe for humans. However, you should perform a patch test on a small area before applying it entirely. If any visible symptoms like redness, itchiness, or swelling emerge, discontinue the use immediately and contact the physician. Avoid consuming orally or in contact with the eyes. Henna may pose potential risks to infants and pets. Keep them away from reach for safety concerns.

Let each Halloween henna tattoo compliment your costumes and make you a winner in every contest!

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