How to Create Faux Freckles with Henna?

How to Create Faux Freckles with Henna?

One popular trend that has been blowing up social media for the past 3 years is faux freckles. The tiny beautiful freckles come naturally for some people. Others have looked for ways to fake the freckles on their face. It all started when some influencers on social media appeared with pretty fake freckles on their face. This caught attention from all over the world. Since then, the trend of Faux freckles has been growing with tons of videos on hacks and tricks to create the best fake freckles for your face. While some people chose brown pencils to draw the illusion of freckles. Henna has emerged as a much safer option for your face. You can also draw inspiration from your favorite artists and get your henna freckles this Halloween. This article discusses how to create fake freckles henna without affecting your skin.

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What Are Henna Faux Freckles?

The Henna faux freckle is the process of creating fake freckles anywhere on the face or the body. The stains will typically last longer than the regular makeup but less than a freckle tattoo though! Making faux freckles is quick, easy, and smudge-free. And henna is the best organic option to get chemical-free, skin-safe freckles. Henna is a natural dye that is known for its hair & skin coloring properties. It stains the skin for several weeks after which the color gradually fades away. Thus, henna emerges as the best product for faux freckles.

Note: The facial skin can be pretty sensitive. And the sensitivity fluctuates from person to person. If you have super-sensitive skin, you might be unsure whether to go for faux freckles henna or not. A patch test is recommended to know how your skin reacts to henna. An allergic reaction is not something you want on your face. Apply some amount of henna behind your ear or your elbow crease. Allow it to dry for some time and wash it off. If there is no allergic reaction even after 48 hours, you can safely use it on your face.

Are Henna Freckles Safe?

Just like you apply henna on your hands or legs, you apply henna on your face for freckles. Is henna safe to use? Not all. Commercial henna powders contain harmful chemicals that may damage your skin permanently. An organic henna made purely out of plants is safe for your skin. You can either use makeup to create freckles or get organic henna freckles that last for a few weeks.

How to Apply Freckles?

You can now create the world’s best faux freckles at home without any expertise. All you need is some practice and, necessary gear to get you on the go! Here is how you create fake freckles with henna:

1. Clean Your Face

Clean your face thoroughly to free it from all the dirt, oil, makeup residue or moisturizer, etc.

2. Prepare Henna

Our henna freckle kit provides a premade henna paste in a cone. You can use it right away or store it in a freezer for up to 3 months. Defrost and remove the needle to start creating faux freckles on your face.

3. Create Freckles

Start creating freckles in a scattered pattern on the nose, cheeks, and where you want.

4. Let It Dry

Once you finish applying the henna, leave it to dry for 2-12 hours to impart better color.

5. Wash Off

Avoid removing henna using water. Instead, use a paper towel and coconut oil to remove the henna remains from the applied areas. Avoid contact with water for at least 4-5 hours and avoid exfoliation.

Tips For Better Faux Freckle Results

1. The henna paste is made from 100% organic henna powder. Thus, the components might physically disintegrate after a while. You are advised to store the unused henna paste in the freezer for 3 months to keep the paste fresh. When you want to use it, defrost the cone for 20 minutes and then remove the condensation.

2. Shower before applying henna to your freckles. This will allow the henna to impart color properly.

3. Once the henna is removed, your freckles have orange color initially but darken with time.

4. Applying coconut oil as an aftercare can help moisturize the freckles and prevent them from water exposure.

5. Your freckle color lasts for up to 1 week if you properly maintain your face without exfoliation.

Introducing Henna Freckle Kit

Mihenna has everything to help you create your faux freckles using henna. If you want to look super-trendy with freckles, we help you get it done in the right way. Grab our henna freckle kit that comes with ready-to-use organic henna paste , coconut oil for aftercare, and an instruction manual. The guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating flawless henna faux freckles. The henna cone contains henna paste pre-manufactured by us. You can also prepare your henna paste at home and then apply it fresh on your face. The freckles appear light on the first day and darken over time as henna takes at least 48-72 hours to reach its full-color intensity

How To Make Henna Freckles?

Mihenna’s henna powder  is organically grown we avoid any artificial chemicals that can potentially harm your skin and stick with only what’s good for you. If you have natural freckles, applying henna will highlight them without intensifying the sun damage. You can quickly identify safe henna and refrain from falling into the trap of commercial henna makers. Creating freckles with henna provides long-lasting stain color unlike the fake freckles made from makeup. Henna takes about 24 hours to shine at its peak intensity. So, plan ahead to create fake freckles with henna one day or two days before D-Day.

1. You can make your freckles last longer by aftercare and moisturizing daily to keep your skin supple and avoid exfoliation for a while.

2. Apply more amount of henna on each freckle. The more henna you have for each freckle, the deeper it can penetrate into your skin.

Please note that each skin is unique and the henna color may vary from time to time. If you have some henna left over after creating faux freckles, you can utilize the paste for creating henna tattoos. This is very useful for beginners who want to learn freehand henna art. They can start practicing by making tiny dots and lines and proceed to more complex designs Our henna stencils help you design the most complex henna art without any professional help. Thanks for reading!

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