Create Famous Freckles with Henna

Create Famous Freckles with Henna

Halloween is just around the corner, and we know you want to get your costume pixel perfect for the ‘gram. If you’re paying tribute to a famous character or actor this year, we want to help make sure you don’Create Famous Freckles with Hennat miss a thing - even down to the last freckle! Our Henna Freckle Kit will help you duplicate beauty marks until the resemblance is uncanny. Get some speckled inspiration and then learn how to create your own fake freckles below.

Halloween Inspiration

Whether you are inspired by characters you loved while growing up or putting together a Halloween costume for someone still growing up, some of our favorite childhood characters are best known by their mischievous freckles. Anna from Frozen is a modern favorite after a long line of red-haired, freckled characters including Pippi Longstockings and Anne of Green Gables. Capture their likeness with a sprinkling of henna freckles across your nose and cheeks.

Well-known actors make great Halloween costume ideas - you can pick any of their roles or just be them as your costume. Maybe you’re embodying the iconic Lucy Liu for a night, recreating Parks and Rec with a group of friends, or throwing it back to Parent Trap. If so, the ensemble won’t be complete without using henna to create fake freckles. Once every dot is in place, the whole look will come together and be a shoo-in for any costume contest.

Henna freckles aren’t just for women’s Halloween looks. Men, if you want a role on Grey’s Anatomy, to look the part of one of Eddie Redmayne’s innumerable characters, or to emulate the most famous of all freckled actors, you’ll need to get yourself some fake freckles too.

To go full diva this Halloween, you can’t leave off the beauty mark. Something about that single dot elevates the whole look. There is no Halloween costume of Marilyn Monroe, Mariah Carey, or Janet Jackson without that beauty mark. Henna will give you the perfect cherry on top.

How to Make Henna Freckles

Henna freckles couldn't be easier! There's so many reasons to love using henna to create your fake freckles:

Your skin continues being safe and healthy while still staying on trend. Henna can darken your existing freckles without risking any sun damage. You can keep the sun screen. 

Mihenna's paste is grown organically and only uses 100% natural ingredients. We leave out unnecessary chemicals and stick with what's good for you. You can read more about how to recognize skin-safe henna in our last blog post.

Unlike fake freckles made from makeup, henna freckles don't wash off after one day. You'll get long-lasting looks that are smudge free. Even the henna paste is long-lasting when you store it in the freezer between uses.

Have we convinced you? Good. Because it just gets better! We've bundled everything you need for henna freckles into one convenient kit. The Henna Freckle Kit includes our ready-to-use henna paste, coconut oil for aftercare, and illustrated instructions that take you through step by step to flawless freckles. And here's some extra special pro tips: 

  • Plan ahead! Henna takes about 24 hours to fully darken - transitioning from orange to brown. If you apply your Halloween freckles too late, you'll end up going as a pumpkin.
  • Start with a clean canvas! Thoroughly wash your face to remove all makeup, lotions, oil, and anything else. Then make sure you're completely dry before applying henna.
  • Self-care! Help your freckles last even longer by taking care of yourself. Moisturize daily to keep your skin supple and avoid exfoliating for now.
  • Everyone's unique! All types of skin will react differently to henna. You may need to leave it one for only 30 minutes or for 4 hours to get the color you want. Try out different timing until you find what works for you.

Now that you know how to henna, you just have to pick a costume - which is the hardest part! Show us your freckled costumes on Instagram @mihenna.bodyart

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