Holiday Henna for Kids and Teens

Holiday Henna for Kids and Teens

If you're looking for gift ideas for teenagers and kids this year, we have a few recommendations! More than just a toy, henna gives the recipient a new experience, a fun and creative outlet, a window into another culture, and of course a cool tattoo to show off. At Mihenna, we want to make sure your henna time is rewarding, so we've made the process easy for beginners and non-artists. You don't have to be an expert to get perfect henna tattoos!

Henna Freckles for Teens

Likely every teenager you know is on Tiktok, and if they are, they've probably seen the recent freckle trend. Teens and young adults are creating their own freckles with a myriad of products (and not all of them are skin safe so be careful out there!). Help them create natural-looking, long-lasting freckles that will get them in the spotlight with our USDA-certified organic Henna Freckle Kit

The Henna Freckle Kit includes everything they'll need for that perfect sunkissed look. Our organic henna paste only uses all natural ingredients that are safe to use on the sensitive facial skin, and our organic coconut oil helps the faux freckles last longer and look better. 

Help your favorite teen stay on trend this year with the gift of henna freckles! Just remember that this gif should be stored in the freezer - not under the tree.

Mini Henna Tattoos for Kids

We love doing henna tattoos with kids, not just because it's fun activity to do together, but also because it's a great learning experience, helps improve dexterity, helps practice patience, and allows everyone to proudly display their hard work for days to come. We recommend doing henna with any child old enough to follow instructions such as "Do not eat the henna." Learn more about henna safety here

Our mini henna stencils are perfect for little hands, so we've placed all our kid-friendly tattoo designs into one convenient place: The Kids Henna Tattoo Kit. The kit includes our organic henna paste, organic coconut oil, wooden spatulas to spread the henna, easy-to-follow instructions, and 7 sheets of adhesive henna stencil designs. Each sheet has multiple designs, so an adult should use a pair of scissors to cut apart each individual tattoo template.

With so many designs, each kid will be able to create all their favorites while still having plenty left to share. Perfect for siblings or a holiday party!

Henna Kit for DIYers 

While our goal is to make henna accessible for everyone by simplifying the process, we realize that henna experts and go-getters might want a bit more of a challenge. The Henna Powder Kit is more hands-on by allowing the recipient of your gift to mix their own henna paste. In addition to all the fun of making the henna, there's also the added bonus of having fresh henna ready right when it's needed. It's the best way to get the darkest, long-lasting henna tattoos or henna hair dye.

In the kit, we have illustrated instructions, our organic henna paste and essential oils, a bag to store the henna, our organic coconut oil, and a variety of options for creating freehand tattoos. There are two squeeze bottles with 16 different tips for various widths and speed of applying the henna, which allows for more control when creating your own tattoo designs without a stencil.

If you have someone on your holiday shopping list who is hands-on, crafty, or artistic, this gift will tap into their creative side and create a memorable experience.

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