DIY Temporary Tattoos to Look Stunning

DIY Temporary Tattoos to Look Stunning

Temporary tattoos are an easy and safe way to beautify your looks and explore your creativity through self-expression. What’s more important about tattoos is you can try multiple designs & get an entirely new look every few days. This article demonstrates some easy temporary tattoo designs and how to create them to look gorgeous.

What Are Temporary Tattoos?

If you are new to the tattoo world, you might have seen many celebs and athletes getting magnificent tattoos to show off their style. While permanent tattoos are fantastic, they are once- for-a-lifetime and involve painful procedures. Furthermore, permanent tattoos can result in skin cancer for some people. But here is a safer alternative: Temporary tattoos. They come in different shapes and sizes and are easy to apply and remove. While there are several temporary tattoos, henna is a popular one used for more than 5,000 years in Asian cultures. They are natural, safe, and offer several health benefits. Before we discuss henna temporary tattoos, let us know why people prefer temporary tattoos over permanent ink tattoos.

Why Choose Temporary Tattoos?

There are several reasons why people are choosing temporary tattoos over the permanent ones:

  • Temporary tattoos are easy to apply on the skin. Anyone can easily create DIY tattoos using a temporary tattoo kit without any past expertise.
  • You can remove temporary tattoos without putting in much effort. With baby oil or coconut oil, you can quickly remove the tattoos on your skin, leaving no marks behind.
  • They are temporary. It means you can try any design and remove it anytime you want to try a new design.
  • Henna is a natural temporary tattoo with skin coloring and medicinal properties. Generally, it does not cause reactions on any skin type. The temporary henna tattoos usually last two to four weeks and gradually fade with time.​

DIY Henna Temporary Tattoos

Some of the DIY Henna temporary tattoo designs to draw inspiration from:

1. Mandala Designs

Mandala Designs

Mandala designs are known for spiritual & cultural significance. They are believed to help you connect with the higher self. Today is the best time to remember your connection with the universe through mandala designs.

2. Geometric

Geometric Designs

Are you in love with patterns? Then you shouldn’t miss geometric designs. Unveil the beauty of symmetry and patterns of small temporary tattoos to obtain captivating tattoo designs.

3. Floral

Floral Designs

Flowers represent celebration, purity, and femininity. Whether you want to welcome new beginnings or deepen your connection with yourself, nothing can beat the positivity floral designs give. If you can’t draw yourself, the floral temporary tattoos stencil simplifies your job.

4. Modern

Modern Designs

Unleash the fashionista in you with these modern designs. Pick the trendy designs you want and set the stage on fire.

How To Apply Temporary Tattoo?

Creating temporary tattoos depends on the type of tattoo you want. Today, we will learn about making henna tattoos as henna is gifted to humanity by Mother Nature. The making of henna paste is simple. Buy an organic henna powder from a reputed brand and follow the instructions to create a fresh henna paste at home for application. The challenge lies in finding a genuine brand that sells organic henna powders. Most companies add chemicals and artificial additives to improve the henna's properties and longevity. We strictly advise you to stay away from such brands. The chemicals are detrimental to your skin. Many incidents of severe skin reactions have been reported, caused by using black henna containing deadly chemicals known as PPD. If you are a first-timer but don’t want to hire a henna artist, this is for you. The good news is that you can create intricate henna temporary tattoos easily using temporary tattoo stencils. ​

Making Henna Tattoos Using Temporary Tattoo Stencils

  1. Pick up the designs you want to try. Mix and match two or more temporary tattoo stencils for a unique design.
  2. Stick the stencil where you want to create the design. Apply henna paste evenly on the stencil so enough paste is filled in the stencil gaps.
  3. Once the henna paste is dried off, peel off the sticker and remove the henna residue using coconut oil and tissues.

How To Get Long-Lasting Tattoos?

Follow these tips to increase the longevity of your henna tattoo:

  1. Do not apply to areas where your skin stretches, such as knees, elbows, etc.
  2. Do not perform heavy work with your hands, including scrubbing, dishwashing, etc.
  3. The skin should be clean and free from oil, dirt, or lotion.
  4. Once the henna dries up, do not wash it with water, as it may drain away the stains. Remove the leftover henna crumbles using coconut oil and tissues.
  5. Moisturize the area with coconut oil to lock the color.

Please remember that henna may take 48-72 hours to reach full-color intensity.

Mihenna Temporary Tattoo Kit

Do you want to create DIY temporary tattoos for a stunning look? Buy our tattoo kits that contain all the essentials to help you seamlessly create mesmerizing tattoos within minutes. Mihenna sells over 12 tattoo kits so that you can find the best design for your look. Don’t forget to share your temporary tattoo experience in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Do Temporary Tattoos Last?

Depending on the type of temporary tattoos, they can last a few days to a couple of weeks. However, the durability of temporary tattoos depends on several factors, including the type of temporary tattoo, the quality of ingredients used, the body temperature, skin type, and aftercare. They generally fade away after a few weeks but can be removed using soap, baby oil, or coconut oil.

2. How Do You Remove Temporary Tattoos Easily?

While there are several tattoo removal methods for each kind of temporary tattoo, it is generally removed with coconut oil, baby oil, or rubbing the tattoo with alcohol. When it comes to henna tattoos, they naturally fade off over time. Please follow the temporary tattoo instructions provided by the manufacturer for easy and safe removal.

3. What Tattoo Stays For Two Weeks?

Several types of temporary tattoos last for about two weeks. Henna tattoos are one of the popular options for temporary tattoos. They are made using natural henna paste extracted from the leaves of the henna plant. The henna temporary tattoos are applied to the skin or filled through stencil. They easily last for over two weeks with proper care.

4. Does Vaseline Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer?

Temporary tattoos usually last between four to six weeks. But their longevity depends upon several factors, including your body temperature, tattoo quality, aftercare, etc. Vaseline moisturizes your skin and creates a barrier on the skin. There is no scientific evidence that Vaseline can make temporary tattoos last longer.

5. How Much Is A Temporary Tattoo?

Temporary tattoos are way cheaper than permanent tattoos. The cost of temporary tattoos depends upon several factors, including the type of tattoo, the seller you want to buy from, the quality & quantity of the tattoo mix, etc. You should check with local retailers, online marketplaces, tattoo artists, and popular tattoo brands to know the prices. If you want henna tattoos, Mihenna is the best place to get the purest form of henna powder as low as $11.99.

6. Are There Any Safe Temporary Tattoos?

Yes. There are safe temporary tattoos in the market. Some temporary tattoos are made from vegetable dye and thus safe for the skin. Henna tattoos obtained are extracted directly from the plant, making them safer on all skin types. But, please do a patch test on a small area of your hand and check for allergies and other skin reactions. If any symptoms persist, please discontinue the use and contact the physician immediately.

7. Where Is The Best Place To Put A Temporary Tattoo?

You can get a temporary tattoo wherever you want. No one can stop you from embracing your self-love. But avoid using them on your face as the skin is sensitive there.

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