Learn How ICNHA Helps Aspiring Henna Artists

Learn How ICNHA Helps Aspiring Henna Artists

Some henna artists practice henna tattoo making without learning anything about the history of henna. Such people cannot distinguish between pure and artificial henna. They buy cheap henna powders from the market and claim them as genuine henna. Unfortunately, several henna brands add harmful chemicals to henna to produce multiple shades and increase the henna's longevity. Chemical-induced henna is highly unsafe for sensitive skin and kids. Numerous incidents have been recorded globally on the adverse effects of black henna on the skin. The black henna is not natural. An organic henna generally produces orange to reddish-brown tones. However, users can obtain deep black stains using black henna due to the presence of chemical paraphenylenediamine (PPD).

Many children and women have been scarred for life because of black henna and the negligence of henna artists who disregarded safety protocols during henna paste preparation. What if there is an assessment that evaluates the knowledge & authenticity of henna artists? The International Certification Of Natural Henna Arts (ICNHA) organization does the same. This article informs more about the ICNHA certification examination and how it helps aspiring henna artists practice safe henna art making.

What is ICNHA?

ICNHA refers to International Certification for Natural Henna Arts. It is a voluntary peer assessment program for henna artists. It certifies henna professionals who put their time and effort into learning the principles of natural and chemical-free henna and follow all the safety measures during henna paste preparation and application. Getting certified as a natural henna artist from ICNHA means unlocking abundant career opportunities in the henna industry. But why should you (any henna artist) join ICNHA? There is no such rule that every henna artist should be certified to practice the art. Please remember that ICNHA is not a government-authorized examination. It just tests the knowledge of the henna artist on the natural henna and certifies him on clearing the examination. There are certain benefits a henna professional can enjoy after clearing the ICNHA examination.

Why Join The ICNHA?

Once you clear the ICNHA examination,

  1. You get a lifetime membership in the organization. You become a part of the global community of natural henna artists, grow your network, and access the membership benefits.
  2. The ICNHA organization is a renowned henna company globally that promotes all of its members. As a result, your profile gets global recognition, resulting in improved customer trust and more inbound leads.
  3. Your name will be listed in the natural henna artists database, so anyone visiting the website for natural henna artists can access your profile.

About the Certification

The qualifying examination to acquire Basic Certification from ICNHA costs about $40. Once you qualify for the test, you get access to a lifetime membership of ICNHA along with a printable certificate, website profile, and social media badge highlighting your brand as a certified henna professional.

The ICNHA certification is not a legal certificate or license to practice henna art. Please remember that the ICNHA exam neither permits nor forbids anyone from practicing the henna body art. Once you purchase the exam, the login details and access link will be shared through email within 24 hours of the purchase. You (the participants) will have 15 hours to complete the exam, or you will automatically fail.

ICNHA Examination

The examination comprises a series of questions on natural henna and its origin. The ultimate objective of the exam is to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of the fundamentals of henna, its significance in ancient culture and traditions, ingredients in henna paste, its effects on the skin, henna hygiene, and safety.

Henna has been used for more than 5,000 years. But, people are still skeptical about the quality and authenticity of henna. When the henna artists or aspiring henna artists qualify for the examination, it assures people that the concerned henna professional is well aware of natural henna and safety procedures to be followed in and after the henna application. It improves the credibility of henna professionals, driving more inbound leads.


It is undeniable that the market comprises genuine and fake henna brands. If you are a genuine henna artist who prefers natural henna and prioritizes customer safety, ICNHA certification is an added credibility to help your services reach millions of people in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There A Mock Test To Practice The Exam?

Yes. You can attempt a practice test of 25 questions to get a taste of the real exam. Go through the study guide section to access different questions on henna for free. Come prepared for the exam by reviewing the study guide.

2. What If I Fail The Exam?

Failure is not a dead end. We never step back in encouraging people who are genuinely interested in henna. If you fail your first attempt, you will have two more attempts to clear the exam. All the best!

3. What are the Qualifying Marks Of The Examination?

The exam consists of 100 questions on the history and significance of natural henna in various cultures and traditions. If you fail the test with at least 92%, you will be given an extra credit option where you can answer the 3 credit questions and secure 95% of marks to clear the examination. If you fail to secure 92%, you will have to wait one month to retake the test.

How Can Mihenna Help You?

Mihenna acts as an excellent platform for henna professionals and aspiring henna artists to practice henna body art. If you aspire to become a natural henna artist, Mihenna guides you throughout your journey. Our natural henna powder is extracted directly from the plants and is thus chemical-free and safe. We offer 50+ different design stencils for easy tattoo-making. Choose your favorite stencil, or mix and match stencils to create unique designs. For a full-fledged henna-making experience, grab one of our henna tattoo kits. Each kit has all the essentials and stencils for creating henna art and aftercare to produce optimum results. Try yourself and share your experience in the comments.

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