Try the Henna Tattoo Kits: An Organic & Safest Alternative to Body Glitters & Paints

Try the Henna Tattoo Kits: An Organic & Safest Alternative to Body Glitters & Paints

The sparkling glitter tattoos & paints are a great time to create a fun & engaging time for kids. But, they often come with potential risks, discussed later in the article. Here is a safer alternative to glitter or paint temporary tattoos that amplify your look while keeping you safe: Henna. Buy henna tattoo kits and start making stunning designs immediately. This article will discuss the diy henna tattoo kit and where you can get them for a safer tattoo experience.

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Quick Background About Glitter Tattoo

Glitter tattoos have gained immense popularity as temporary tattoos in recent years. Glitter tattoos are temporary tattoos made using stencils, body adhesives, and cosmetic glitter to create long-lasting tattoo results. They can last for up to seven days if proper care is taken. You can remove the glitter tattoos using a makeup remover on the face or surgical spirit on the body.

Dangerous Of Using Glitters & Paints For Temporary Tattoos

The name temporary tattoos may sound harmless. However, there are underlying risks when using tattoos with glitter and paint.

  1. Glitters and paints in temporary tattoos contain harmful chemicals that may cause allergic reactions in sensitive skin. The reactions range from mild irritation to severe redness and itching.
  2. Some glitters may contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury, or other heavy metals. These toxins may get absorbed through the skin and have deadly effects on the skin.
  3. The glitters & face paints are difficult to remove completely. They may leave minute glitter particles on your skin, leading to potential skin allergies.
  4. Within a few days after application, glitters may fade away or get smudged on the skin.
  5. When they come into contact with the eyes or are inhaled, they cause irritation and discomfort. They can induce potential risks for individuals with pre-existing eye conditions.
  6. Sometimes, these temporary tattoos may cause stains or discoloration on the skin when left for an extended period. It may affect the aesthetic, especially when the tattoos are on the visible areas of the skin.

Henna As A Safe Alternative To Glitters & Paints

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Henna is better than glitter or paint; it is a safer alternative to every other temporary and permanent tattoo for many reasons. When it comes to preparing henna paste, the leaves of the henna plant are dried, sifted, and made into a powder for making henna tattoos. Therefore, the henna paste is natural and contains no added chemicals. It is usually safe for human skin. You don't have to be a professional henna artist to try temporary tattoos. Buy Henna tattoo kits with stencils and seamlessly create intrinsic henna designs within minutes.

The henna art, also known as Mehndi, has been widely practiced in Asia, Africa, and some parts of the West for over 5000 years. Henna produces a natural cooling effect on the skin. It has several therapeutic benefits in addition to skin coloring properties that make it stand the test of time for many centuries. Today, henna is an essential part of the celebration, whether a hangout party or a wedding day. Though no scientific evidence exists for henna, it has been essential to many cultures and traditions. Henna leaves orange to reddish-brown stains on the skin and lasts for a couple of days to a few weeks.

What makes henna feasible is that anyone can prepare a fresh henna paste using at home a henna tattoo kit. You receive all the ingredients and mix your own henna paste. Thus, you don’t have to worry about artificial chemicals or unknown ingredients that can harm your skin. Don’t believe it? Let us look at the ingredients in henna paste referred from Mihenna, a brand distributing natural henna powders in the United States.

  1. Henna Powder: Extracted by sifting the leaves of the plant Lawsonia Inermis.
  2. Liquid (water or tea): It binds the powder onto the skin.
  3. Any acidic component (optional): Acidic components like citrus juice or apple cider vinegar are added for the dye to release in the henna mix. However, this is optional. You can skip it if you are uncomfortable.
  4. Essential Oil: The essential oils are used to improve the henna properties and longevity of henna tattoos. Some of the commonly used essential oils include eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and lavender oil.
  5. Coconut oil: Moisturize the skin using coconut oil after henna removal. It protects the skin.
  6. You can add additional ingredients like aloe vera and yogurt as per your requirements. Ensure you add only natural ingredients for a natural and safe henna experience.

You may be skeptical about the longevity of natural henna. Since the ingredients are organic, physical disintegration is natural. The henna paste begins to separate after a few days. Commercial henna companies induce artificial preservatives and other chemicals to increase the shelf life of henna. While that sounds convincing, these additives may expose your skin to unwanted risks and allergies.


Please remember that henna is safe for humans only. Do not apply it to your pets, nor let them consume it. Henna can be deadly for the pets’ skin. Ingesting henna may cause diarrhea and vomiting in both humans and pets. Contact a vet right away if henna is accidentally consumed by your pet.

Henna Tattoo Kit

Mihenna sells over 13 kinds of henna tattoo kits for different purposes. Choose a temporary henna tattoo kit depending on your needs and get a full package of essentials to create amazing henna tattoos. If you ever wonder how much is a henna tattoo kit? Don’t worry. You can find irresistible deals on natural henna tattoo kits. Buy henna tattoo kits today. Still have doubts regarding safe henna tattoo kits? Let us get in touch.

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