David’s Bridal & Mihenna: A Perfect Match

David’s Bridal & Mihenna: A Perfect Match

We are excited to announce a new business engagement with David’s Bridal. From our first meeting, we knew it was meant to be. You can now find Mihenna in stores and online at David’s Bridal for the perfect addition to your bachelorette party. 

Mihenna's Henna Tattoo Kit for David's Bridal

Henna has always been a key aspect of marriage ceremonies in India and other countries. We hope to keep the tradition alive by making henna bachelorette parties more accessible for everyone. You don’t have to be an expert to create gorgeous henna tattoos that will make the bride feel beautiful and loved. We have created a unique henna tattoo kit just for David’s Bridal by combining our Henna Powder Kit with a few of our favorite stencils.

Henna tattoos on palm from David's Bridal Organic Tattoo Painting Kit

Our henna powder is certified 100% organic by USDA so that you know you are getting quality, skin-safe henna tattoos. Mix it yourself to get the freshest henna paste possible which will give you darker, longer lasting temporary tattoos - up to two weeks. And you don’t have to worry about two weeks worth of ugly, smeared stains on your skin because Mihenna is here to keep you looking good for your girls’ night out. Our adhesive stencils make sure everything comes out perfectly. The kit is full of our mini stencil sheets to make sure there’s enough for all the bachelorettes. 

Make your bachelorette party a memorable night with Mihenna and David’s Bridal, and congratulations to all the brides out there!

If you are interested in working Mihenna, please use our contact form to reach out to us about our wholesale options

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