Celebrate Holi with Henna

Celebrate Holi with Henna

Red! Pink! Yellow! Green! Blue! All around the world, colors are bursting into the air to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi. The arrival of spring marks the start of this event known as the “festival of colors,” and this year the Spring Equinox and Holi fall on Thursday, March 21st, 2019 (next year will be March 10th, 2020).

What is Holi if not a time for love, renewal, togetherness, and, of course, freedom to frolic! There are lots of ways to celebrate Holi - you can find a local Holi event or participate in The Color Run. But the best way is just to make your day as colorful as possible.

Embrace the joy and fill the air with the colors of Spring by throwing powder, water balloons, or flower petals. Grow your own personal renewal by getting together with your loved ones, reach out to people you’ve lost contact with, and even make a new friend or two. Stay true to tradition by going all out on food and drink because it’s springtime and there’s plenty to share! At the end of the day, any time you spent feeling happy, loved, and free is time you spent celebrating Holi.

Hindus celebrate Holi with colored powders Group celebrates Holi by throwing colors

Look the Part for Holi

There’s no better way to get in the mood for the regrowth and beauty of Spring than by covering yourself in flowers. We have just what you need for a festive springtime look - floral henna stencils! Whether you wear the vibrant Flower Power henna design or our more abstract flower, the Blossom henna design, everyone who sees you will feel the joy of Holi. Be sure to use our organic henna paste for all your Holi designs so that you know your skin will be safe and your henna tattoos will last for weeks.

Group wears white clothes during Holi color celebration

Our henna stencils make body art quick and easy without sacrificing quality or style. Our pre-cut stencils allow you to simply smear henna paste over the top so that whether it’s your first try or you don’t have time for creating an intricate design, you’ll still have a spectacular henna tattoo. Get further instructions on our How to Apply page.

When your henna tattoo is dry, it’s time to dress for your Holi event. Your clothes are likely to get a drastic change in color palette, so pick out some older clothes that you can throw out or don’t mind tie-dying. For the biggest impact at the end of the day, wear all white. You’ll soon be showing off the whole color spectrum. Now bust out those accessories you’ve been dying to wear! A flower crown? Absolutely! A boa and tutu? Of course! A unicorn headband? Love it! And don’t forget sunglasses. They’ll protect your eyes from the sun and from colored powder blowing in the breeze.

Once you look absolutely fabulous from your shades to your henna, let’s party like it’s springtime! Gather everyone you know, get as many colors as you can, and then with pure abandon, release the colors into the air like a burst of fresh spring flowers. Holi is here!

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