5 Best Floral Henna Design Stencils to make you Blossom

5 Best Floral Henna Design Stencils to make you Blossom

Culturally, flowers represent strength, purity, and generosity. And specifically, flowers in henna symbolize happiness and joy. The combination of flowers, leaves, and vines is used in floral and mandala designs to remind us of nature and something that is greater than human understanding. Most henna artists in Asian countries believe that creating mandala designs will help you connect with the spiritual world and become more self-aware. To celebrate the potential of these floral designs that can psychologically inspire people to take action and respect nature, we have created beautiful floral henna stencils. Using these easy flower henna stencils, you can quickly create even the most complicated designs within minutes. Let’s dive into the topic without delaying any further.

1. Azalea Henna Stencil

Azalea Henna Stencil

You don’t have to get shining diamonds and flashy jewelry to embrace your beauty. A lavish necklace needs to be cleaned and polished often to retain its shine. You cannot wander freely with this necklace-the fear of being theft comes into play. Even if you put on the necklace, it gets tangled in your hair, and the summer heat and sweat may take a serious toll on your skin as the necklace may irritate you. The right jewelry can highlight your best features like neck, body curves, waist, cheekbones, etc. But, you don’t have to be materialistic to look magnificent. Mihenna offers you an opportunity to create seductive designs in a safe and organic way. Grab this Azalea henna stencil to draw a beautiful necklace design around your neck or a belly chain around your waist, or anklet designs for your ankles. The nature-made henna paste will create jeweled designs on your skin using easy flower henna stencils. What’s the best part? it is natural, risk-free, economical, and lets you walk with confidence and stress-free.

2. Flower Power Henna Stencil

Flower Power Henna Stencil

You can get the design anywhere you want. But, it looks captivating on the front and back of your hands. The tiny petals symmetrically arrange themselves and together they become powerful enough to face whatever comes your way! Radiate the feminine energy wherever you go. When you shake hands with this design, along with a smile, you are extending a leap of friendship with these flowers. May you make deeper connections with others using the designs. This flower power stencil helps you create the design perfectly and within minutes.

3. Blossom Henna Stencil

Blossom Henna Stencil

The mandala art has been under use for many thousands of years even before henna existed. It has cultural significance in many religions across the world. In Asian cultures, the mandala represents the spiritual connection between the people and the universe. If you want to celebrate the true beauty and power of mandala art, we have this stencil for you. In this design, there is a center pistil from which the tiny petals spread outward in natural symmetry. You can wear this jewelry-inspired henna design flower either on the wrist, or ankle or stamp it on your shoulder for a more aesthetic look as shown above. Everything in this universe is energy. Let us create harmony between us and the universe with this blossom henna floral design.

4. Ivy Henna Stencil

Ivy Henna Stencil

The ivy plants are widely used in gardens and homes as they offer several natural benefits like air purification, relieving respiratory issues, and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They have become a part of our homes for the aesthetics and benefits that they offer. We are impressed and have grown curious about the ivy plant. And the result- Ivy henna stencil design is created. With the intention to transfer the potential of the ivy plant into symbolic form, we want you to get this design on your feet, hands, wrists, or even arms. Regardless of the area, this design strengthens your relationship with other people. Just Like how the plant removes the toxic air around you and strengthens you from the inside, we want you to resolve any issues with your friends or family and grow your relationships on a deeper level.

5. Blooms Henna Stencil

When you order this floral henna stencil, you get two nature-inspired mandala design stencils. While the flowers of the design represent happiness, the vines and leaves symbolize vitality and spirituality. The blooming flower hand henna stencil combines the effect of the mandala with the beauty of fresh flowers, all tied together with tiny leafy vines. You can place both designs on a single hand or one mandala design for each palm, it draws a perfect symmetry regardless of the place you tattoo. This henna flower design blooms wherever you want it to place.

How To Create Floral Henna Designs Using Stencils?

  1. Avoid messing up complicated designs with our easy-to-use henna stencils.
  2. Cut out the stencil designs and peel off the adhesive backing. You can cut the designs from multiple stencils and mix and match them together for unique designs.
  3. Stick the stencil to your skin. Clean the skin thoroughly and dry it. Once the stencil is on your skin, spread the organic henna paste evenly on the stencil,
  4. Air dry it for at least 2 hours. Peel off the adhesive stencil and remove the leftover henna on your skin using coconut oil and a paper towel.
  5. The beautiful mandala designs bloom on your skin. Wait for another 24-48 hours till it transforms into its best form.
  6. Avoid washing with water for the first few hours. Moisturize the area with coconut oil to prevent the henna color from water, and dirt. Avoid shampooing and exfoliation for longer-lasting henna stains.
henna design flower

If you want to personally pick up the stencils, buy Mihenna’s build-your-henna-kit where you can choose your favorite floral henna designs from 50+ henna stencil designs. Thanks for Reading!

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