An Essential Guide for Dyeing Hair with Organic Henna Hair Dye

An Essential Guide for Dyeing Hair with Organic Henna Hair Dye

The transition from Summer to Fall requires a fresh start in the beauty industry, whether hair or skin care. For some people, it means embracing their natural hair and restoring their hair health. For others, this is the best time to chop off hair and try an entirely different hairstyle. When was the last time you visited a hair salon? You might have taken several hair coloring & chemical treatments at the hair salons. In the process of coloring & nourishing your hair, you are exposing it to harmful chemicals that can affect your scalp and hair and may even lead to skin cancer. Though natural henna has been used in some parts of Asian and African countries for thousands of years, it has gained global attention in recent years for several reasons. This article is a guide to treating your hair with organic henna hair dye & restoring your hair health safely and naturally.

What Is Henna Hair Dye?

Henna hair dye is an organic paste extracted from the Lawsonia Inermis plant. Due to its natural staining and therapeutic properties, henna is prominent in several cultures worldwide. Countless commercial dyes have popped up in recent decades, claiming to produce the best hair color results. But henna stands the test of time and still remains in demand. Why would anyone choose natural henna hair dye over fancy commercial hair dyes? Let’s see how henna colors your hair. The pure henna hair dye doesn’t penetrate your hair shaft. Instead, it coats the strands, keeping the cuticle intact. Whereas synthetic hair dyes penetrate the cuticle. The chemicals in henna alter pigmentation within the hair's cortex, thus permanently changing your hair color. You can observe that henna sits on the hair shaft and conditions it, whereas commercial dyes induce several chemicals into the hair, resulting in several hair issues.

Features of Mihenna’s Henna Hair Dye

  • The henna powder is extracted directly from the leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis plant and packed. Thus, it is 100% organic and free from chemicals and artificial additives.
  • The henna powder for hair is USDA-certified. The leaves are finely crushed and sifted to form premium quality henna hair dye powder to help you get a safe henna experience.
  • Besides coloring your hair, henna repairs it from within and promotes hair growth.
  • Natural henna balances oil production & maintains scalp pH value. Thus, it helps you fight against dandruff, an itchy scalp, and other scalp-related issues.
  • The henna hair dye organic paste has an earthy fragrance. The henna paste may come in a mud-like texture. Thus, it may feel awkward for some people to apply it to hair.
  • Natural henna acts as the best henna hair dye for grey hair. Whether you have partial grey hair sections or entire grey hair, henna colors it and also conditions your hair health.
  • Henna takes 48-72 hours to reach its peak color intensity. The final hair color depends on the ingredients, how long you leave the dye, and how much you care for post-henna application.
  • The longer you leave the henna on your hair, the darker it gets. However, you are recommended to remove it after 5 hours to avoid drying your scalp or affecting your hair.

Henna Hair Dye How-To Apply Instructions:

The henna hair dye application process can leave you messy with unwanted stains if you are not careful. You are advised to apply henna in the bathroom and cover the floor with newspapers to prevent the floors from staining. If the henna accidentally falls on the floor, you can quickly wash it off with water or a hand shower. Before applying henna hair dye, protect your forehead, ears, and neck from staining with a thick balm or petroleum gel to create a protective layer against henna. Here are the henna hair dye instructions in four simple steps:

  • Make a henna powder from the leaves of the henna plant and mix it with water to form a thick paste.
  • Leave it undisturbed overnight for the dye to release.
  • Start applying the henna hair dye from the roots to the hair ends.
  • Wait for at least three hours and rinse it with cold water. Avoid shampooing your hair for the next 24 hours for the best results. Take a picture of yours to compare henna hair dye before and after application.

Do you want a complete guide on coloring your hair with natural henna hair dye? Read our article here.

Celebrities Who Use Henna Hair Dye

There are many celebrities who opt for henna hair dye to color their hair. One of the most famous celebrities is Gwen Stefani. She revealed henna has been her hair-dying expert for several years as it is a natural hair care product and is free from chemicals. Other prominent celebrities are Rashida Jones, Liv Tyler, and Katty Perry. They have included henna in their hair care routine as it offers a natural tone and a safer alternative to commercial dyes.

Customer Reviews

This is a digital era where consumers can access unlimited information just at the click of a button. Therefore, they have multiple buying options for each product. The ones that produce the best results & great customer experience get the most orders. Reading customer testimonials will give you an idea of what henna looks and feels like and what you can expect. Learn what customers must reveal about their experience using henna hair dye.

1. Andrew Wade

“This was my first time using henna to color my hair. I’m a natural strawberry blond - but I’m losing the red as I close in on 40 😂. I wanted something natural looking and better for my hair than chemical colors. I won’t lie, the orange panic was a smidge more real than I was prepared for but by the next morning I was seeing it darken so I gave it more time. I’m a week post color and not only is my hair healthy feeling and looking but the color settled into a perfect shade of red that’s very similar to my natural color! This henna was super fresh and smelled like matcha a little which was refreshing. The potency was lovely and I will be using this again!”

2. Jay A

“I switched to this organic henna from the chemical hair dye alternatives that I was using, after starting to lose a lot of hair from the chemical hair color products and researching about the dangers of chemical hair products. Now my hair is growing back and it looks much warmer and prettier. It feels and smells way better too! I am grateful for this product. Mihenna Henna Powder has a nice smell, like Matcha tea and works well as others have reviewed it. I researched how to do henna coloring and it worked exactly as described on the Internet. My natural portions of hair look beautiful and warm in tone from henna. The brown-black chemical treated parts of my hair turned more black, as I read that they would. I look forward to continue using this product as my natural hair grows out, it will be very pretty and healthy. Thank you!!!”

3. Melanie Ooi, Blue Lotus Henna

“I tried the Mihenna powder and tea tree/eucalyptus essential oil blend. The powder quality is fantastic. So well sifted that I didn’t have to strain it through a stocking. Lovely consistency to work with and a great stain! As a professional henna artist of 17 years, I give this product a huge thumbs up!”.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Natural Henna Hair Dye Expire? How Long Can I Store The Henna Hair Dye Paste?

Pure henna hair dye is made of all-natural ingredients. As a result, the ingredients tend to separate after a while physically. Over time, the henna loses its ability to stain. However, you can store it in a freezer for up to 3 months and get longer-lasting henna stains.

2. Can I Customize My Hair Color With Henna Hair Dye?

Please remember that henna doesn’t penetrate your hair cuticle but coats the hair strands. Thus, the color obtained after henna hair dying depends upon individual hair and varies for each person. Generally, henna hair dye colors range from orange to reddish-brown tones. However, you can add black tea or coffee while making henna paste for a darker hair color.

3. Is Henna Hair Dye Permanent?

No natural henna hair dye lasts forever. The henna color stays intact for 4-6 weeks and then gradually fades away as the hair grows. The final hair color depends upon the individual original hair color and texture. Thus, it varies from person to person. You are advised to do a strand test on a small section of hair to know the look beforehand.

Best Henna Hair Dye For Healthy & Shiny Hair

Where to buy henna hair dye that is natural and safe for hair ? How do you differentiate the original henna powder from the duplicate ones? Everyone claims to serve the best henna powders in the market. But only a few of them keep up their promises. Mihenna is one of them. It has been serving original and nature-made henna powders for Humanity for several years. Order our henna hair dye and create a fresh paste whenever you want. What are you waiting for? Buy henna hair dye at insanely affordable prices at Mihenna and create your desired designs.

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