• Knuckle Star - curved henna tattoo on woman's shoulder
  • Knuckle Star - henna stencil design with curves and crystals
  • Knuckle Star - henna tattoo around girl's foot

Knuckle Star Henna Stencil

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See All Modern Designs // Complete Your Tattoo

The Knuckle Star henna tattoo stencil packs a punch! At first glance, the henna design is super cool, and with a closer look, you'll find it gets even better. Starting with a half moon, we pulled together radiating curves and our favorite crystals. Together, these designs are a perfect blend of delicate and powerful.

Wear it wherever (your knuckles won't be jealous), but first make sure your skin is clean and dry. Then stick the stencil and use our USDA-certified organic henna paste to fill it in. After at least two hours of dry time, peel and reveal your Knuckle Star henna tattoo. You'll be shining like a star too!