• Flora Henna Stencil - flower henna design on wrist
  • Flora Henna Stencil - 4 flower henna designs
  • Flora Henna Stencil - flower henna design on ankle
  • Flora Henna Stencil - using Mihenna stencil to create a flower henna design on palm

Flora Henna Stencil

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Flowers are one of the best loved styles in henna art. We've combined four realistic flower designs on to one stencil so you can pick your favorite and have a few left over to share! With Mihenna, you never have to worry about wilting flowers - our adhesive stencils make sure you get perfect henna tattoos every time. You'll be blossoming this summer with Mihenna.

Create your flower henna tattoo by cutting out the design you've selected. Choose where you'd like to place it and wash and thoroughly dry the area. Remove the backing and stick the adhesive side of the stencil to your skin. Use our USDA-certified organic henna paste to fill in the stencil. Allow the paste to dry for at least two hours (the longer you wait, the darker the tattoo will be!). Then peel off the stencil and use a paper towel to remove any excess henna paste. Your new henna tattoo will darken over the next 24 hours until gorgeous little flower has grown!