• Fierce - henna design on ankle
  • Fierce - elegant henna design sticker stencil
  • Fierce - DIY henna design on back of hand
  • Fierce - DIY tribal henna design on ankle
  • Fierce - DIY henna design on wrist

Fierce Henna Stencil

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Fierce. Flawless. Fun. There are so many ways to wear this DIY henna design as you strike a pose. Check out all the ways our models redesigned the Fierce Stencil to work for them: just the top, just the bottom, on the hand, on the leg. They made this henna tattoo their own, and we can't wait to see what kind of style you come up with to show off your ferocity.

The best part about our sticker stencils is they are as flawless as you are. Mihenna helps you avoid smudges and smears when you fill in the stencil with henna while it's stuck on to your skin. Allow the henna to dry between two and twelve hours (the longer you wait, the darker the final color will be) before removing. Your DIY henna design will look fierce any way you wear it. Now get out there and work it!