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Welcome to the world of Mihenna, where we celebrate the beauty of creative expression and self-love through the magic of authentic henna. Explore our henna powder collection featuring our bestselling henna powder, hair dye, and powder kit!

Mihenna’s henna powder is ethically sourced from the Lawsonia Inermis plant. It is entirely organic and free from any harmful chemicals. With a sincere passion for art, we are on a mission to share pure henna with the world.

Fancy making your own henna paste? Get the henna tattoo kit to create fresh henna paste at home. With USDA-certified powder, you can rest assured of complete transparency. No hidden ingredients and zero worries about expired paste! Enjoy the satisfaction of making and applying fresh henna instantly.

Henna powder has another practical benefit. In today's world, premature hair graying is a common concern for several reasons, including harsh environments, poor diet, aging, and constant stress. But fret now! Discover the transformative effects of Mihenna's pure henna powder for hair. This organic solution conditions your hair, conceals grays, and strengthens it regularly. 

As a superior alternative to chemical dyes, our henna hair dye ensures a gradual fade as your hair grows, allowing you to embrace a spectrum of shades at each stage of the fading process. Say goodbye to conventional dyes and embrace this natural henna for hair health.

Why Buy Henna?

  • Be festive-ready with realistic tattoos using a DIY henna kit.
  • Get rid of dandruff & scalp-related issues with regular use.
  • Go stress-free with authentic henna. 
  • Chemical-free, vegan & organic henna powder.
  • Ethically sourced with sustainable practices. Good for you and the planet!


For enhanced safety, conduct a patch test (for henna body art) or a strand test (for henna hair dye) to confirm skin compatibility. Our henna products are not tested on animals. We advise you to keep henna away from pets for enhanced safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

With proper care, henna typically retains its color for around two weeks. The longevity of the henna design is influenced by factors like individual skin type, the quality of the henna powder, after-care routines, and daily activities. 

Please understand that henna tattoos are designed to fade naturally over time, which adds to their unique charm. Embrace the gradual fading process as an integral part of the henna experience.

Avoid using soap and water on henna paste. It can diminish the color, leading to a faint henna stain. Refrain from adding unauthorized chemicals or other ingredients to enhance the color. Mihenna aims to provide authentic henna powder without any additives for a safer experience. 

The inclusion of toxic chemicals may cause harm. Also, avoid using henna during pregnancy and breastfeeding for safety reasons.

As a natural product, henna has a limited lifespan, and its consistency may change if left unused. To ensure its freshness, store the unused henna paste in the freezer, vacuum-sealed, for up to three months. We advise you to defrost it 20 minutes before application.

Your henna might not stain as anticipated due to factors such as henna powder quality, paste preparation, application technique, and environmental conditions. Purchase henna powder from credible manufacturers to avoid duplicates and seek instructions for optimal tattoo results.

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