Learn about the different henna tattoo meanings

Learn about the different henna tattoo meanings image

Henna, also known as Mehndi, is globally used to express people culture through body art. The henna plant, botanically called Lawsonia Inermis, has leaves with skin coloring properties. These leaves are dried, sifted, crushed into powder, and mixed with water to form a thick henna paste. Apply this henna paste on your skin and let it dry. You will be awe-struck to see the striking orange-tone designs on your body radiating earthy fragrance. Henna temporary tattoos are a natural alternative to commercial tattoos that pose potential threats to the body and skin. Besides its attractiveness and therapeutic benefits, henna tattoo symbols hold special significance in ancient and modern cultures. Let’s learn about different henna tattoo meanings and their importance in further reading of the article:

Henna Cultural Significance  

Henna body art has been used for over 5000 years due to its magnificent health benefits to the body and mind. Let’s look at the significance of henna tattoos and henna hand tattoo meanings in several cultures and religions:

  • Women in many religions get intricate henna designs on their feet and arms to celebrate occasions, engagement parties, marriages, and festivals like Diwali, Eid, etc.
  • Are you aware of the henna tattoo wedding meaning? In various cultures, henna body art is believed to improve partner bonding. Brides often get beautiful henna patterns along their hands and feet before their wedding day. And the designs may include symbols of love, fertility, images of bride and bridegroom, mandala designs, etc.
  • Henna tattoos are believed to give protection against evil eyes. Thus, in some traditions, pregnant women apply henna designs to protect themselves and their unborn children from negative influences.
  • Some henna designs, like lotus flowers, peacocks, henna flower power, etc., can be applied to induce inner strength and empowerment.
  • Geometric patterns and Floral patterns like roses, leaves, and flowers symbolize beauty, harmony, and growth.
  • Mandala henna designs are trendy among Indian, Buddhist, and Middle East religions. The mandala designs are believed to deepen the spiritual connection between self and the Universe and thus have greater significance during prayer, meditation, etc.

Let’s look at the common henna tattoo meanings and their importance:

1. Mandala Flower Meaning

Palms of a woman with Mandala henna designs.

Mandala designs have been used in religion, art, psychology, and other sectors to represent the higher conscious self. Several henna artists and religious people believe that mandala art helps us connect spiritually with the Universe and attract inner peace and harmony into our lives. Get this mandala henna design and begin embracing your self-discovery journey.

2. Camellia Tattoo Meaning

Palm of a woman with Camellia Tattoo design.

The Camellia flower originates in East Asia and is culturally significant in Japan, Korea, and China. The flowers and seeds of Camellia are used in cooking, medicines, and even cosmetics due to their therapeutic benefits. Also known as the “Rose of the Winter,” the Camellia flower symbolizes love, gratitude, admiration, and purity. Get this Henna Camellia tattoo on your special day and radiate unconditional love towards yourself and the world.

3. Henna Flower Meaning

Woman’s hand with Henna flower design spread across the arm.

Flowers are a popular henna design symbolizing joy and happiness. Thus, it is no surprise that flowers and floral designs are widely used for decorative purposes in weddings and other celebrations. If you are an artist, create the prettiest henna floral designs on your hands and shine brightest in the crowd. Do you feel you don’t have an artistic rhythm in you? We help you become one. Buy henna stencils of your favorite designs from Mihenna and start making henna body art like a Pro. With henna stencils, even the most intricate designs take just a few minutes to draw.

4. Vines And Leaves

Photo of a woman with a henna design consisting of vines and leaves.

The pretty patterns of vines and leaves spread across the fingers or arms represent strength, growth, and the never-ending cycle of life. From weddings to festivities or any other event, these designs are a perfect match to raise one’s spirit to face challenges and celebrate the joy of life.

5. Henna Finger Tattoos

A picture of a palm with a Henna Finger Tattoo design

You don’t need expensive jewelry to present yourself gracefully to the world. Nature finds its way to amplify your beauty through stunning henna designs. The finger henna designs provide you with an opportunity for self-expression and creativity.

6. Henna Bird Designs

A picture of a woman with henna peacock design on her arms.

In various cultures, birds represent freedom and are believed to be the messengers between heaven and the earth. With henna, you can create fantastic bird designs, including peacocks, parrots, sparrows, and anything you desire.

How To Care For A Henna Tattoo?

  • Wear old clothes, and apply petroleum gel on the ears, hairline, and neck to protect unwanted areas from staining.
  • After henna application, leave it untouched for 2-8 hours until it dries and falls off completely.
  • Remove the leftover henna paste using tissues and coconut oil. Avoid washing with water, doing dishes, or showering to protect your stains from fading.
  • Moisturize the hennaed skin with coconut oil for longer-lasting stains.
  • Organic henna is safe on all skin types. As a precaution, do a patch test on a smaller section and check for skin allergies. Consult the physician immediately if there is irritation or any other symptom.
  • Be cautious while handling henna in front of kids and pets. Prevent them from henna consumption. Contact a vet immediately if your pet accidentally consumes henna.

Mihenna’s Henna Cone

The next time you make henna designs, do it with all heart now that you have realized the henna tattoo meaning of the symbols. Buy natural henna powder from Mihenna and prepare your henna paste fresh at home or order our pre-made henna cone for instant application. Please remember that our products are made of only natural ingredients, so the components may physically disintegrate after a while. You can store it in a freezer for up to 3 months from the manufacturing date. Our products are 100% natural and USDA-certified, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of henna. Hope this article helped you understand the henna tattoo origin and henna tattoo meanings in ancient culture. Thanks for reading!

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