How Henna and Jagua Tattoos Make Perfect Mother's Day Presents

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the best excuse for you to shower your mom with some love. There's a reason they say, 'Mom knows best.' Today, we honor the woman whose unwavering love, endless support, and sage advice have kept us safe through life's storms.

While classic gifts like flowers, tickets to a concert, and a great meal will always be thoughtful, why not switch things up this year? Why not consider an artistic gift, such as henna tattoos or jagua designs?

Show her how thankful you are by perhaps gifting her temporary jagua and henna tattoo kits. Moreover, the designs are temporary, allowing her to enjoy stunning tattoos without the commitment.

These intricate body decorations offer a unique and personal way to celebrate her motherhood. In this article, we will explore some magical Mother's Day tattoo ideas that will put a smile on her face.

The Sentimental Value of Jagua and Henna Tattoos

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of her everyday life, Mother’s Day can be a great day to hit pause. Moms rarely relax and keep on with their unending tasks. It’s your chance to help her focus on herself for a change.

Henna and jagua tattoos are symbols of connection, tradition, and personal expression. Steeped in tradition and personal expression, they have also been associated with women for many centuries.

Henna tattoos are still a staple in celebrations and rituals across cultures. Applying henna is a meaningful tradition passed down through generations. Each intricate design tells a story, whether celebrating a wedding or a milestone, expressing love and affection, or simply embracing one's cultural heritage.

Similarly, jagua tattoos have deep roots in indigenous traditions, particularly in Central and South America. Made from the unripe fruit of the Genipa Americana plant, jagua powder has been used for centuries by indigenous communities for body art and rituals.

So, when you present henna gifts to your mom, you are not just giving her the means to create temporary body art. It's a chance to connect her to cultural traditions and a timeless art form. With henna, she can express herself creatively and embrace a practice steeped in meaning.

Why Henna and Jagua Tattoos Make Perfect Mother's Day Presents

Jagua and henna tattoos make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day for several reasons.

1. The best part is that henna and jagua are organic. They are extracted from plants, which means there are zero toxins and chemicals, minimizing the risk of allergies and side effects. Henna is derived from the leaves of the plant Lawsonia Inermis. In contrast, the jagua gel is prepared from the Jagua powder extracted from the fruits of the tropical Genipa Americana tree.

2. The temporary nature of henna and jagua tattoos allows your mom to experiment with new designs every few weeks, offering a constant source of creative expression.

3. Henna and jagua body art are traditions passed down through generations. So, treat your mother with sweet nostalgia as she reminisces her cherished childhood memories while creating these tattoos.

4. Applying henna tattoos can be a meditative practice, fostering deep relaxation through its focus on intricate details.

5. Lastly, spending time creating henna and jagua designs can serve as a perfect opportunity to bond with your mother. Talk with each other and discuss memorable moments from your childhood, all while enjoying the art of temporary tattoos together.

Exploring Henna and Jagua Products for Gifting

1. Henna and Jagua Tattoo Kits

Give your mother the gift of beautiful body art with Mihenna’s range of jagua and henna tattoo kits. And we’ve made it super easy, too! Simply follow the steps given in the instruction card and use the essentials provided to craft stunning henna and jagua designs.

What's noteworthy about Mihenna is that we make these tattoo kits cater to all ages. Whether your mother is in her 40s, 60s, or 80s, these kits will guide her through a delightful body art experience she'll treasure!

2. Pre-Made Stencils

If your mom prefers guided designs over freehand drawing, fret not. Our custom henna stencils will assist her in creating a diverse array of designs. At Mihenna, you can find a wide range of designs, from simple motifs like stars and moons to intricate mandala patterns. This Mother’s Day, let her explore a universe of designs to express herself effortlessly.

3. Henna Cone

An organic henna cone from Mihenna

For mums who enjoy freehand design, a ready-to-use henna cone is an excellent gift. With minimal setup, she can effortlessly bring her favorite designs to life.

4. Jagua Gel

Jagua gel, a white applicator bottle, and four applicator tips with different thicknesses.

Does your mother prefer black tattoos? Look no further. Give Mihenna’s Jagua gel a try. It quickly stains the skin, resulting in dark, realistic temporary tattoos similar to permanent ones.

5. Henna Powder Kit

The product display of a henna powder kit containing a henna powder pack, applicator bottles, and other essentials.

The simple joy of crafting your own henna paste from scratch is indescribable. Treat your mother to this lovely feeling through the Henna powder kit. It includes a packet of henna powder and all the necessary essentials to create captivating henna tattoos!

An instruction card guides you through the preparation, application, and aftercare phases. The slow process of henna art can be a wonderful mindfulness practice to unwind and rejuvenate.

If you prefer specific designs, consider Mihenna’s Build Your Own Henna Kit option. This allows you to customize your kit. Just select the stencils that steal your heart, and we'll take care of the delivery for you.

Personalizing Mother's Day Henna and Jagua Tattoo Gifts

Enhance the designs to make them even more unique and personalized for your mother by adding special elements in her henna tattoos.

You can draw her birthdate and her wedding date or draw signs of her cherished moments. These gestures will make her experience even more unforgettable.

Let’s go over such heartwarming ideas.

1. Number Tattoo

A woman creating a 1993 number tattoo using an organic henna cone near her collar bone.

Use our gothic numbers stencil to capture a special date on her hand. You could also add simple motifs around the numbers, such as floral accents or delicate swirls, to make the design even more elegant and meaningful.

2. Mandala Tattoos

A black mandala jagua tattoo design on the palm.

With spiritual significance, mandala designs will evoke your mum’s spiritual connection with the universe and soothe her soul.

She can customize the mandala designs by incorporating symbols or patterns significant to her, such as her favorite flower or a meaningful mantra. This will create a truly personalized tattoo she can always cherish.

3. Minimalist Tattoo Designs

symbols like yin and yang or motifs of love for your mom. You could even bestow her with the title of "World's Best Mom" and imprint it on her skin using jagua gel and henna tattoos. Adding small embellishments, such as hearts or stars, can elevate the design look and make it truly special.

4. Starry Eyes

Two people holding hands adorning starry eyes henna tattoo design.

Draw the starry eyes tattoo to ward off any evil eye from your mom. Express how you want to protect her from bad luck and promote well-being. To create a captivating celestial scene, incorporate special elements into the design, such as crescent moons or twinkling stars.


Still uncertain about giving jagua and henna gifts to your mother? Take a look at what Mihenna’s customers have to say about our tattoo kits!


Natural body art is for everyone. And what better occasion for your mother to enjoy this art than Mother’s Day? If you are looking for the best henna and jagua products to create Mother's Day tattoos, you are at the right place! Mihenna’s vast collection of all-natural jagua and henna essentials is just what you need to express the love for your mom!

Believe us. Mothers might not directly ask for presents, but they sure feel good when you show gratitude with such tokens of affection! So, don't wait any longer – shop on Mihenna to give the perfect Mother’s Day present to your mom.

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