Henna for Valentine's Day

Henna for Valentine's Day

Everything is turning pink and red, stores are well-stocked with sweets, and love is in the air, which can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is here! Time to celebrate the deep connections in your life, whether they’re romantic partners or your best gal pals.

Here at Mihenna, we’re getting into the season with the release of our Valentine’s Day Henna Kit, a couples’ henna tattoo kit with stencils lovingly curated by our founder, Shalina, as she thinks of her partner (who you’ve probably seen behind-the-scenes on our TikTok). Each kit also comes with a cone of our signature organic henna paste, organic coconut oil for cleaning and moisturizing, and an instruction booklet with illustrations. Whether you’re applying the henna, receiving it, or both, you and your special one will enjoy a night to remember.

Karma Henna Stencil

A woman applies henna paste to the Karma henna stencil on another woman's forearm to create a henna tattoo

A modern take on a classic concept, this pair of tasteful geometric patterns is great for setting intentions. Each design can be worn vertically, wrapped around a wrist or ankle, or cut into individual sections, which makes for easy placement anywhere you want to display your henna tattoo. Since karma is a reflection of both the past and future, these designs can serve as a reminder of what you and your partner have learned in your time together, as well as your plans and hopes and dreams for what’s ahead for each of you.

Rose Henna Stencil

A man and woman with matching Rose flower henna tattoos on their arms

Perhaps the symbol of romantic courtship, the rose often reminds us of the boldness and passion of young love. Floral designs in henna traditionally represent the start of something new and beautiful, so you can see why we think a rose henna design would be perfect for the first Valentine’s Day of a new relationship. That said, even long-lasting partnerships need a little spark of boldness now and then! We’ve included two rose stencils so you and your partner can have matching tattoos for up to two weeks and remember your time together each time you see it.

Sun & Sand Henna Stencils

Close up of hand with evil eye henna tattoos on the back

Each of the sheets in our Sun and Sand sets includes 7 stencils themed around stability, creativity, and natural beauty. Whether your partner reminds you of the radiant summer sky or the peaceful lotus flower, these designs will let you carry a piece of them with you in henna form. We love using smaller designs individually on hands and feet, or as detailed touches around a centerpiece on wider areas.

Starry Eyes Henna Stencil

Close up of two people holding hands with Starry Eyes henna tattoos

One of the best things we can do for our partner is to make them feel safe and secure. Now you can do that even when you’re not around with the Starry Eyes henna tattoo designs. These stylized versions of the evil eye keep any negative thoughts or energy from reaching the wearer. Though typically worn on the palm, we think these stencils are a perfect fit for a shoulder or even the center of your back. Every time your partner sees their Starry Eye, they will know that you are there loving and caring for them in spite of anything they are facing.

Yin & Yang Henna Stencils

When opposites attract, they create something beautiful and unique together. These two sheets of mini henna tattoo designs offer a wide variety of styles so that you and your loved ones are sure to find something perfect. Plus if you love our Rose and Starry Eyes designs but are looking for something more subtle, you can find tiny versions here! Tiny temporary tattoos are perfect for little hands if you are celebrating Valentine's Day with kids who love new experiences.


1. Make it a two-way activity

It’s not a coincidence that most of the stencils in our Valentine’s Day kit come in pairs. Putting henna art on a loved one is a time-honored tradition, and we think everyone should get to experience it!

Make the evening special by enjoying the whole process together: pick out designs for your partner that fit their personality and that will remind them of you, and have them do the same. Then, apply a thick layer of henna paste over one another’s stencils. After 2 hours, you’ll be able to peel your stencils off and remove any excess paste with the coconut oil. Creating and caring for a partner’s henna requires thoughtfulness and a tender touch; you’ll be sure to leave a mark on their heart as well as their skin.

2. Combine with body art makeup for a unique touch

If you’re a makeup whiz, or just want to put a little something extra into your work, you can personalize your henna with body art makeup. We’re especially big fans of using glitter in warm colors and subtle shadow effects to lend texture and depth. Just take care when using the stencils on areas with delicate skin, and NEVER put them on or around your eyes!

3. Plan time before you apply henna for best results

How you prepare for your henna date will affect the quality of the artwork, so take the extra time to ensure a fun and memorable night. You’ll want to obtain your kit at least one night before getting together and store your henna cone in the freezer until you’re ready to use it. Before applying, make sure the skin you want to decorate is clean and dry, and consider exfoliating to extend the lifetime of your tattoo.

However you choose to use it, our Valentine’s Day kit is designed to help you celebrate the love in your life. You and your special person (or people) are in for an evening of intimate and creative fun.

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